(OFFLINE) Active ATC at TNCM on Playground

Pattern work accepted, use runway 10 for all traffic. Please request for takeoff when first in line.

I’m here!,

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I’ll join and see

Don’t send “I’ll call your base” after you clear a plane to land. And the wasn’t necessary since there was not other traffic. That’s is mainly for spacing.

Mind stopping my and rate my landing?

I’m watching

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Looked great!


Time for some feedback

  1. No sequencing, that’s a nono
  2. No back-taxi command. Another nono, runway crossing is NOT back taxi. Keep that in mind
  3. Good job on the line-up and wait part.
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Exit runway commands needed.

Sorry for sending that unecessary report I didn’t realize you had cleared me to land before the 360:)

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Sorry about that. We need a back taxi command as an exit runway sub command

Wow! Realtime feedback, good on you guys.

I’m surprised. I was only on for about 15 minutes.

Got a couple of screenshots of you:

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Nope, it is used for extending the pilot’s downwind so the controller can get a few departures before he/she lands.

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