Offline Access

I’ve had Infinite Flight for about two years now. I love it. Recently renewed my subscription for another year. I travel a lot for work and I used to enjoy the app on my android on long-term flights. Since the latest update I cannot access the app without an active Wi-Fi or data connection. Is there something I am doing wrong or is the latest version not available for use Offline?

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At this time Infinite Flight requires a continuous internet connection to use.

As a first version of Infinite Flight on a global scale we have decided to stream our terrain which uses very little data from our testing. In the future it is our desire and plan to support offline gameplay or even the ability to download scenery for “on the go” use. Our ultimate goal is to allow for a versatile experience which allows customers to enjoy Infinite Flight both on and offline. There is not set timeframe for accomplishing this. This update lays the foundation and we base the rest on feedback from our community.


No Offline Access. It said it when you were updating the app.
Global requires A LOT of scenery so it needs a constant solid Internet Connection

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