Officially taking flight lessons to get my Private Pilots License

Hey everyone!

Today, I am happy to announce that I will officially be taking flight lessons!

I initially was going to train at CHI Aerospace, but I have decided it would be more cooler to train at 7B3 | Hampton Airfield

Why there? Hampton Airfield is actually a Bush Airport!
The airport is surrounded by trees and bushes, and there is little room where you can make errors.

The airfield is very unique in both departures and takeoffs.

When you takeoff, you have to go a bit steeper than usual to clear the trees. For landing, you have to come a bit higher, then drop in the last second to land.

The flight school I will be training in is super cool and has the friendliest staff ever.
They even have a resturant!

CHI aerospace is my backup option if I must take a lesson before going to work.

I’ve bought the following items:

  • Current Sectional (expires Nov 2020)
  • Logbook

I still need a couple of more items, but otherwise, the sectional was my most recent purchase.

I’m super excited! I’m hoping to fly twice a month.


Congrats 🎉🍾🎊🎈!! Enjoy your flight schooling time. What aircraft?

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Well done! Best of luck with your pilot license!

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I’ll be training in the Cessna 172.

The C172 is my favorite airplane to train it

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Great job! You will do great!

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Congratulations I just started about a month ago doing the sam as you a couple flights a month and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! You will love it ! Also the airport sounds amazing sounds like a great place to fly!

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Yeah, money wise It would be best if I tried at least twice a month.

How many hours are you at now?

I currently am at 1.6 hours as of Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I’m only at 1 I’ve only flown once as of now but a have another lesson soon I also fly in a C172 it’s a great plane.

I agree, @Daniel_Cerritos I reckon you will make a great pilot some day, follow your passion and you will be there in no time!!

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I will usually schedule for two Tuesdays on separate weeks. Each lesson costs 227 and more depending on how long I am in the air

They charge only when the Hobbs meter is in use

Yeah mine cost about the same and I try anytime during the week when possible.

My airspace is a little congested as I fly near many other airports and Chicago O’Hare approach path.

I’m currently at 3 landings as well if that counts. I want to up my landings haha, but I don’t want to rush it lol

Oh, so you fly near a class Bravo airspace. Must be super interesting

Yeah when I fly I can see many 777’s or 747’s fly over about 7000 feet above me and lots of private jets at the same altitude as me it’s interesting up there.

Well, I hope you’re getting the essential items, such as a Sectional and the sectional plotter.

Did you get a logbook yet? If not, you will of course need that as it’s required.

Yeah I have a logbook but I don’t have a sectional yet.

EDIT: I should really get one of those though.

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Congrats. I remember when I started, what a joy. Have fun but focus. I often was having too much fun and not learning too much of the technical stuff but I overcame that and am practicing for my practical right now!

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