(Officially Out!) Trip Report on-board the Icelandair Special Livery!

Icelandair Trip Report

Hey all! A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was lucky enough to fly aboard TF-FIU, the 757 Northern Lights livery owned and operated by Icelandair. The 7 hour flight from Vancouver International to Keflavik, Iceland was a stunning flight, and the sunset followed the entire time. It was neat! Even better, my buddy was awesome enough to record the necessary footage for a trip report.

Special Livery

Unfortunately, the location of the aircraft at YVR provided no way of viewing the side of the aircraft, meaning that my buddy was not able to get any awesome pictures of the full livery (He was too tired to search for a location, considering it was 3AM (home time) and he hadn’t been able to sleep a wink) Instead, here’s a photo (not ours) of the aircraft he was on.

How to see the Trip Report (Released Today)

We’ve condensed the footage into 6 Minutes and 39 Seconds of pure enjoyment :)
I assure you it wont disappoint.

Video Premiered on Youtube at-
1:00PM EST (11:00AM MST, 10:00AM PST, 1700Z) Today

Video Link

Video Premieres at 1:00PM EST!

Youtube Channel


Awesome! I went on the “80 years of aviation “ livery with the cool glaciers and stuff to JFK. U can ask @Dylan_M lol hav fun!


My very first flight with them was on Hekla!

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Wow! Cool!

I saw the Hekla Aurora 757 when I was at KEF in April! It is a beautiful aircraft!

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Do you mean Keflavik Iceland?

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Oh, yes, nice catch!

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That’s so cool. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? 😍


Two Hours until the Trip Report Premieres!

You can find the link to the youtube premiere below.

Please Leave any constructive criticism and anything that I could do better in the comments!

Less than 30 Minuted until the premiere! I how to see you guys there!

Wow, that livery is just amazing. I wish it was in IF (if it isn’t already).


I agree! It’s beautiful.

Premiering now! Tune in!

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Thoughts so far:

Voice was a bit monotone, as if he/she was disinterested in the topic.

I also find the music obnoxious, but that might just be me.

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Its not bad,

However, I am very annoyed when I saw you grade the landing and include it into the overall grading. DO NOT do this, as every pilot has their good and bad landings.

I also do not like the music. I recommend adding some jazz or something more calm.

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Would love to see this on a reworked 75’ in IF


Hello! The rating was purely meant for how firm of a landing it was. We weren’t intending for it to criticize the pilots, just give people a better understanding of the landing. Thank you for the feedback though :)

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Thank you! It took a long time for us to get things right, and we’ve never done this before. I think by the time we were happy with the voiceover, we were bored of doing it 😂. Thanks for the feedback!

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