[Officially Cancelled!] Saturday Night Long Haul @ WSSS - 170400ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: ERROR 9999: Unkown word: “Region”

Airport: WSSS

Time: 0400Z

NOTAM: Join Tailwinds Flying Club for a relaxing long haul this weekend. We will be flying from Singapore to Dubai.

Fligt Plan:

Subject to change


We will be using Terminal 3 Gates at WSSS

Flight info:
VS before 10,000ft: 3,000fpm
VS after 10,000ft: 2,5000fpm
VS after 18,000ft: 1,800fpm
VS after 26,000ft: 1,000fpm
Speed before 3,000ft: 200kn
Speed after 3,000ft: 248kn
Speed after 10,000ft: 348kn

Cruise Speed: M.86
Cruise Altitude: 35,000ft

VS for decent: -1,900fpm

This event is hosted by
Tailwinds Flying Club

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate IF pilots who hold events to fly together and to get to know the community.

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Tailwinds Flying Club "Flying Farther, Together." (Still Recruiting!) (New Aircraft in Fleet!)

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Can’t come to this one I got an event of my own planned

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I didn’t know that. Which one is it?

I’m posting it today, it has been something that O have been planning for a while now

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In that case, I’ll reschedule this one.

Can’t make it, I want to go to the FNF of this week.

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🤦🏼‍♂️ I forgot about FNF

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Oh wow, well, maybe you can host it on Saturday.

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I can’t plan it for the weekend after that because it’s going to be Christmas

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Maybe… hopefully some people are out of school by then.

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Yeah. I’ll just do Sunday and see what happens

wait we start the flight on sunday???

Sunday night, yes.

UHHHH darn it i won’t be able to go is a school night

That’s what I was afraid of 😑

how about sat to sund?

@Daniel14 is scheduling an event for that night.

I suppose I’ll just cancel this one. No point in keeping it since the next reasonable time to make it would be in January

Why cancel it? Just because I can’t come doesn’t mean others don’t want to

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I’m trying to push the “no overlapping events” policy :/