Officially an Airplane Owner!

It is a surreal feeling when a person pulls back on a yoke for the first time and feels themselves leave the ground. I have always been amazed by aviation and fell in love with airplanes at a small age after seeing things like the Blue Angels. Having grown up with a father in the airlines, whom was furloughed and displaced after 9/11, an aviation career was always kind of “taboo” for me. As I graduated high school and began college I always thought my passion was law… I was always studying cases, doing internships, etc.; but the entire time I was always looking to the sky at contrails and small shiny tubes of aluminum reflecting sunlight while doing 500mph. Within the last two years, I finally made myself realize that law wasn’t where my heart was, and that all along aviation had been my passion. I was extremely lucky to be blessed with two parents who loved me enough to buy an airplane solely for me to further my flying career… words will never express my gratitude. Infinite Flight Community, say hello to my new baby, N6005U.


Wow! Congrats! I have no doubt that you’ll have loads of fun and make many memories in that PA-28!


Congrats! That’s an awesome PA-28!

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Awesome! Congrats on a new Airplane! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to spot N6005U somewhere in the world… ;- )


That is a really nice piper, while I dont own one, I know someone who does, the registration is N5529W

My first aircraft was a 150G model, I miss that thing. Enjoy it!!


ya never know! where are you located?

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Since you have it now, you heading to OSH right?!

I’m thinking about it heavily; dad said it was non-negotiable now!

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I mean gotta start off right specially with it real soon!

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You’ll repay your parents by flying safe and always becoming a better pilot. Congrats and enjoy that next level of freedom.


Here is a question, where do you think you will fly it first, to a major airport, or to a $100 burger? What are your overall plans for the piper.

That’s the goal! Hopefully I can re-pay them with a house on the beach somewhere.

Already done some local flights (M72-KTUP-KCRX-22M-KUOX-M72); but I have a longer flight scheduled for Saturday. Going to try to head up to Clinton TN (M29) for a Pancake Breakfast fly-in.


Sounds like a lot of fun


Where are you located? Maybe we could get up sometime!

Congrats dude! I wish I had my own plane.

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I am all the way in Maine, without an aircraft, and in about a year, I’m off to college where I will be in either Massachusetts, Virginia, or Florida

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Mount Washington is in New Hampshire, no offense

We actually looked at a plane in Maine, in Kennebunk.