Official XCub Trailer

True that.

I usually don’t install these updates right away to see if anyone has any crashes or problems with the new aircraft. Once version 19.1 update has been released I have already seen people having problems with the updated Airbus A330. That’s why I hold back the downloading right away sometimes until it is confirmed safe to use.

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I’m not going to update until I am home.

Same here I give it a wait sometimes to see how it’s acting up . I know that if I were the devs , I would be very nervous releasing updates no doubt as always there are the little things that come unexpectedly after an update!

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Yup. Today would also make sense. Although Friday is more likely because they mostly release an update on Friday. But would be great to get the XCUB already today so that tomorrow at the event we all can already handle this aircraft good enough.

But why cancel FNF tho if it’s not going to be released tomorrow Friday then why cancel FNF so meaning they are releasing tomorrow
^ if that made sense

we need more details from that post 👀

We don’t know if its coming tomorrow.

Let’s all hope it’s coming tomorrow!

My answer to a good amount of questions asked this last hour :

Read the text !

It’s either some Ukrainian hacker or Jason of the future sending us a message. Now listen carefully…

FNF is cancelled and some XCub training is happening (when? Friday duh).

Remember A-10 training? Same with the cub.

Jason of the future was the key word.


“tHeY caNcElLeD fNf whICh oBviOusLy mEanS thE upDatE WilL bE OuT tOmOrrOw”

There is nothing here that guarantee’s that. What’s to say we don’t get hit with another game breaking glitch that pushes the release back by a week?

Let’s keep a level head children and hope for the best instead of expecting it 😉


Just noticed a new loading screen… 😏


Screw it Kirito, the impatient lads won this turn haha


I’d say this topic may close too. :)

Farewell everyone…

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Yep, Enjoy flying your cubs everyone!

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I want to hug everyone. My sub is about gone but it came in the nick of time. All of that speculation and waiting and no more. See everyone at all the small airports I am not leaving that game for a while.😭


When is The release date?

Jk guys have a great Fourth of July. 🇺🇸

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