Official Typhoon/Hurricane/Cyclone Tracking Thread

Since this thread has been closed, I am continuing it:

When posting this format is preferred:

  • Typhoon/Hurricane/Cyclone name:
  • Typhoon/Hurricane/Cyclone category:
  • Current location:
  • Expected path:
  • Wind Velocity:
  • Source/Credits:

If you are posting to do a group flight use this following format:

  • Callsign
  • Flight Plan
  • Start Time (Zulu)

Credits for this format: @ServerGhost

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Typhoon Lekima. Expected to hit RCTP, RCSS, RCKH, and other airports in the region at
Friday, August 9th, 0100Z (Kaohsuing/RCKH) and 0800Z (Taipei/RCTP and RCSS).

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This should be in #live

Sorry, I was making this thread in a rush

Tip: Never rush it, take the time.


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