Official Tropical Cyclone Hunters - Tracking Thread

Welcome folks to this thread, where you will find upcoming or active cyclones throughout the world.

@HurricaneTracker500 will be helping me maintain this thread so all of you can enjoy the challenge of flying near/into a cyclone.

If you aren’t experienced with high velocity wind I wouldn’t recommend attempting this!

To help keep this thread uncluttered please use the following format when posting about a cyclone.

  • Cyclone name:
  • Cyclone category:
  • Current location:
  • Expected path:
  • Wind Velocity:
  • (optional link to a credited website that is tracking the Cyclone)

If you are posting to do a group flight use this following format

  • Callsign
  • Flight Plan
  • Start Time (Zulu)

I know this might come as a chock to you, but there are other parts of the world outside of the US that experience hurricanes when it’s not your hurricane season ;)



Are we just talking about hurricanes here or do typhoons and cyclones also in the interest of that topic?

They’re basically the same as hurricanes, just appearing in a different part of the world.


Technically you could, I dont mind.

If it’s hard to fly near/into hit it up here!

He said hurricane season, and as the hurricane hunters U.S./Caribbean based, it led me to think that he was talking about the U.S., Caribbean, and Eastern Pacific. He didn’t say anything about typhoons/Cyclones, which strike in the Western Pacific and Australia.


You guys might want to make the topic a wiki, so people can add current hurricanes and cyclones. 😉


Yes! Especially during the peak of the Atlantic and Pacific season (usually during August-early September), there can be more than 1 storm at once.

By the way, here are some really good tracking websites:

Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea:

Eastern Pacific:

Central Pacific:

Joint Typhoon Warning Center:

Yes, I know the Atlantic and Pacific show marine forecasts instead, but come to Hurricane Season (June 1st-November 30th in Atlantic and Central Pacific, May 15th-November 30th in Eastern Pacific), or if any tropical development were to occur before that, then it will automatically be updated.


To be more helpful, if we can get the Coordinates for the storm’s eye, we can convert it to a waypoint that would be easier to follow.


Indeed not a bad idea


The cords may be hard to find, so I wouldn’t punish people for not having them… but if you have they it would be great to post them… also those become out of date relatively quickly…

It’s Cyclone season in Australia… And looking at the past, we seem to get stronger and more Cyclones
Cyclone Marcus this year, Cat 5. Cyclone Debby last year, Cat 4. Cyclone Yasi in 2011, Category 5.

One last time, it’s Cyclone Season in Australia. Despite it being the end of the season we still get more frequent and powerful cyclones


Definitely add them here as they come.

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I’m trying to point out that when it’s winter where you live, it’s summer for the Cyclone places.

Also pointing out that you rarely get Cyclonic storms.

Which I do know that, and I’d hope that anyone else with a basic knowledge of the Earth knows this.

Incorrect. A hurricane is a cyclone. A typhoon is a cyclone. They’re all the same thing, the only thing that is different is the name. Except if they’re south of the Equator, they rotate clockwise while cyclones north of the Equator rotate counter-clockwise.

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So I’ve adjusted the post to better fit, the global perspective.


He is right about this one, they are the same thing, though pacific ones are stronger by a bit on average since the water is usualy slightly warmer in the pacific…

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But let’s stop arguing about names, and who has storms when, and wait for a storm…

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Quit the arguing. Flags have gone up left and right. Please, thank you, and Ta Ta for now. 🙌🏼


Back on topic, if there is cyclone development anywhere, please do post it in here!

I really miss flying into them in IF. With the real time wind now, it would be really cool to get a big group flying around the storm, taking wind/turbulence samples from all 4 quadrants and at different altitudes, trying to find the eye, etc!