Official Thread [IFAE Global Air Forces] “Unity Defeats Everything” NEW!! Welcome U.S. Civil Air Patrol pilots.

I filled out the application a while ago and I did not get anything back so should I do it again?

Filled out application as well.

Yes, resubmit your applications on the above application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have transitioned to a new system which will prevent these being missed in future. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!


I was denied and am not sure why. Would love a pm or something to discuss possibly why or hopefully resolve an error or misunderstanding. Thank you.

Like I said, reapply. I was clearing down the stale applications and fear you may have been a victim in my clean up. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Well that’s a relief. Was really bummed out for a bit! I reapplied. Thank you @Mags885


Packets given out!!

Our pilots now have instructions for 19-1 RF, IFAE and GAF leadership is extremely excited for this years event!

Prepare For War!


Next year it has to be closer to Brize. lol.

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I’m in the plans for RF 20-1!
FG 19-1 is our European operation so we will be in Europe for sure!

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With red flag coming, the No. XI Squadron is training on airfighter piloting skills including Escorting, Intercepting and engaging other aircrafts.




Infinite Flight’s largest virtual military exercise is just days from kicking off. Exercise Red Flag Alaska is a realistic simulation of a virtual air war, covering air-to-air, air-to-ground and transport roles in a strategic two-team (Aggressors/Red Force and Defenders/Blue Force) game that tests individual pilot skill, and trains our fighter pilots to refine tactics for the wars of the future.


Hi, I reapplied 2 days ago and haven’t heard anything? can you please respond

You realize you need patience when you apply for a VA/VO especially if its a fast growing organization.Andrew or the applications manager probably has tons of applications to review.I am sure they will get back to you once they have a chance


We will get to you as soon as we can!
A lot of us are involved with 2019-1 Red Flag and are traveling there as we speak! Sorry for the delay!

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No prob, I’m aiming for tanker so, yeah

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Ah saw this on IG earlier today

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Familiarisation flights started days ago over Alaska with an emphasis on cooperation between USAF and EAF crew.

One thing pilots discovered, the overall competences are similar one side to the other of the Atlantic

Here are some pictures from these various flights :


Hi, it’s been 98 hrs since I applied and I have gotten no response, is this just how it will be with red flag or what?




This Information pertains to any and all potential applicants. Please when filling out the air tables application link on the main thread ensure you are registering under the correct GAF Air Force Division. Your registered division should match your time zone for example if your real world time zone is MST you will want to register under GAF-USAF. We do understand that not everyone will match perfectly with their timezone they occupy and may need to transfer under a more available zone. We will accommodate that once brought into our formal communications channels on SLACK. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let us know if you an questions.




Don’t have time to be on your device for short sorties? Looking for long haul options? Serve with GAF as a mobility pilot. We are offering as incentive for C-17 drivers double your flight hours from now till the aircraft is upgraded. Hours will count towards promotions, awards, advanced pilot ratings and multi aircraft qualifications. We are looking for C130, KC-10/KDC-10 and of course C-17 interested candidates. Apply on our thread and join our long haul fleet and help project air power globally!