Official Thread [IFAE Global Air Forces] “Unity Defeats Everything” NEW! Welcome U.S. Civil Air Patrol pilots

Of course!

All done. I look forward to the next steps


Congratulations guys, your service and dedication the GAF is incredible!


How does the basic career mode work then? I understand you have to takeoff where you previously landed - extra realism. However, is the ranking way the same as other VAs or is it your own way of ranking?

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It is based on flight time and missions

Good Morning. Afternoon, Evening IFAE’s Global Air Force Officer’s and IFC memebers.

This post is dedicated to every single member of this Organisation from those who are new and have just recently joined us to those who have served since the start.

We as a whole have been recognised last year of 2019 as the Best Virtual Organisation Infinite flight has to offer. This is a massive achievement which would not have been possible without all the work each and everyone of you puts into your work and flying here in GAF. Every Month hundreds of flights are logged and conducted from fighter patrols along coast lines to the humanitarian relief missions across the world, we all played a part and our efforts have been rewarded greatly.

On behalf of JHQ and all staff members in all joint forces we would like to say thank you for all your hard work and we ask that you carry this all forward into this new year and decade of 2020.

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts

“Integrity, Professionalism, Dedication”

Global Air Forces

“Air power beyond border”

Excellence in all that we do

Signed on behalf of Joint Headquarters Staff


Lt. Gen S ‘Marylou’ Paddon


Right okay, I applied so am looking forward further things I have to do

Working with GAF is fun. 😇

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Hi, I just applied as a C130 pilot but was also wondering if there is a Omni Air squadron fir the 772, 767, and DC-10?

@BadPlane we have currently no permanent forces in the Middle East. We deploy there on a as need basis
And the only airframe from your list we have in inventory are the C-130 and the DC10 in the KDC-10 and KC-10 variant.


Ok, so is that a no? Your not very clear if you have a branch for it or not @Major-Tom

that is a no @BadPlane


Ok, thanks

Good day everyone I am requesting every Officer flying today change their name tag to the following

GAF 1-800-273-8255

If you dont know what this number is, it is the suicide national crisis line.

I don’t know if you know someone or have had struggles but what I do need you to know is you matter. I need you to know this is not the answer. I need you to know that I care others care and most importantly you need to care and know your life has value.

So, I am asking you please if only for today fly with this as your name tag because one live is one to many and this message needs to be spread. There is hope and there will always love and no issue or crisis is too big or too small. Choose life above all.

Thank you all.




Huge respect for that. Keep up the good work

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Thank you so much for this. I’m eating on my invitation to the slack workspace but just thank you

Be sure to keep an eye on our HUGE event happening next month!


Looks really good. I should be in the VO by then. Adds a further sense of realism then. Just waiting on further steps from the application and then hopefully not much more to do


Hello all of the IFC,

soon will be a post of all the happenings of the European Air Force in the first week of 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for the update in the next few days, after we will have a look and see how the United States are doing in their first week.