Official Thread [IFAE Global Air Forces] “Unity Defeats Everything” NEW!! Welcome U.S. Civil Air Patrol pilots.



Infinite Flight Community Voted Best Virtual Organization 2018


A Message from A GAF Founding Member

The IFAE Global Air Forces remains the strongest virtual military organization within the Infinite Flight Community. composed of pilots from all over the world. We strive to bring all those who share the same love, passion and dedication for military aviation in Infinite Flight a safe haven and organization to communicate and fly with like minded individuals. We dedicate ourselves to providing real military tactics, training & missions for all military aircraft within the IF environment and limitations given, We are perpared to adopt more real world training and tactics for any additional aircraft that may be incorporated. Our standards are high but we expect nothingless from ourselves and eachother. We fly as proffesionals and we set the bar when it comes to excellence. We are ambasadors in the skies of Infinite flight. The GAF tag is not somthing given but something earned, to be a part of this organization you have to rise to the challenges, you have to want to be the best of the best but most of all you have to be wiiling to learn and at times lead. we play hard but we work harder. we are sperated only by distance but stand on a united front as comrads and brothers and sisters in arms. All who seek this and meet our expectations we welcome you with open arms.

Very Respectfully

*Andrew M Sneed- Founding Member IFAE Global Air Forces

image Recruitment image

If your looking to join this organization please ensure you meet the following criteria.

Must be in good standing with IFC and IFVARB
Must be Age 13 and above
Must be Grade 3 -5 with access to Expert server
Note you do not have to be a member of IFAE to join GAF.

If you meet these requirements we encourage you to join our organization.

Apply here


The Global Air Forces participates in and hosts several open events for the IFC community. We extend the invitation to all those who wish to participate or would like us to host an event to reach out to our chain of command. Below are just some of the past events that the GAF has been proud to be a part of.

image image image


GAF partners with multiple well established VAs and VOs. We pride ourselves on maintaining partnerships and links to the world community. If you are looking to partner your VA or VO with GAF please feel free to message us at @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE. Our civil and military affiliates provide GAF with support whether it comes form air transportation to heavy cargo movements our partners help the GAF project worldwide airpower.

Please see our established affiliates below.





The IFAE Global Air Forces Divisions



Mission Statement: Train and equip Airman to fly in virtual service to the to the United States & allies. To deliver air power domestically and internationally in support of offensive, defensive and air support capacities.

GAF USAF Higher Headquarters:
@art_martinez President & Commander in Chief IFAE GAF USAF
@Doug_Hamilton Vice President to IFAE GAF USAF
@nmasterson IFAE GAF USAF/EAF Cyber Operations Director

@Asneed8706 IFAE GAF USAF Chief of Staff
@Jarek_Sydry IFAE GAF USAF Joint Chief of Staff
@Henry_Clay_Aalders USAF Joint Chief of Staff
@Matthew_Hromek USAF Joint Chief of Staff
@Darius_Glover USAF Air Education Training Command Commandant

Operations level ranks

Major Command CC or Wing/Group Lvl


Squadron Commander Lvl


Flight Commander/Line pilot Lvl

Flight Commander


Line Officer/Pilot


Followed Rank Structure: O1- O10 (2nd Lt - General)


Upon in entry into GAF, officers must take the GAF entrence exam. For officers who pass the exam with the minimum score of 75% will report to their appropriate basic training location under their assigned air force division. For Officers who score 100% on the exam these officers will report directly to their assigned squadron to complete AFT.

The GAF recognizes that some applicants may have prequalifications. For officers who are members of IFAE or IFATC, all basic training requirements will be waived and the officer will report directly to their assigned squadron to complete AFT become a fully certified mission qualified pilot for GAF.

During basic training officers will complete a total of three UPT or Basic sorties. Only after the officer has been cleared by their instructor will they be able to report to thier AFT and permanent squadron.

For officers who are waived from basic training requirements they will need to file one basic training flight for 3.0 hours on the command center. Note your application will be validated against information provided. Only after a staff member has validated the qualificaion will the member be allowed to enroll in AFT. For further details contact your GAF instructor.


At this present time the IFAE GAF is divided into two main Air Force Services, with a third air arm.The GAF United States Air Force, GAF European Air Force & the GAF Royal Australian Air Force.

Under the GAF USAF the following squadrons are established.

Squadron List
  • 6th Airlift Squadron Edwards AFB (KEWD) (Callsign-BEEFY) Supports the (C-17). Provides heavy airlift and long haul capabilites world wide for the GAF USAF.

  • 57th Virtual Fighter Wing Nellis AFB (KLSV) (Callsign- CHEVY, DODGE, FORD, JEDI, MAGIC, MAGE & OLDS) Supports the A-10, F-16, F-22. The 57th V FW maintains the attached 357th Virtual Fighter Squadron composed of A-10 Attack Aircraft. The 57th boasts the only GAF USAF Virtual Weapons School.

  • 71st Virtual Rescue Squadron Moody AFB (KVAD) (Callsign-KING) Supports the (C-130J). Provides Search and Rescue and Long/ medium range airlift for GAF USAF.

  • 89th Vitual Airlift Wing at Andrews AFB KADW (Callsign-IFAE-GAF or GAF) (supports the USAF C-40, C-32, Cessna Citation X, TBM-930, B747 VC-25) The 89th AW exclusively supports the IFAE president and all DV operations such as airlift for Higher Headquarters staff.

  • 92 Virtual Air Refueling Squadron Pope AFB (KPOB) (Callsign-FALLEN) Supports the (KC-10). Provides mission support resources to GAF USAF in dual form of air refueling and airlift capabilities.

  • 99th Virtual Training Squadron Randolph AFB (KRND) (Callsign-TIGER) Supports (TBM-930 GAF USAF Trainer) Provides basc flight training instruction for newly commissioned officers of the GAF USAF. Upon completion student pilots will transition to their permanent squadron.



Mission Statement

EAF provides a realistic and professional platform for military aviators. We use cutting edge flight planning material, realistic logbooks and GAFs crew center to give our pilots the most immersive experience. Our mission is simple, train, fight, win - and have fun while doing it.

European Joint Force HeadQuarters

Commanding Officer: Marshal European Air Force - @Mags885
2nd in Command: Group Commanding Officer - @DadaBull

1 Group - Air Combat & Training Wing

Comprised of our Fast Jet, Ground Support and Flight training elements, 1Gp is truly the frontline of GAF Operations. Almost every pilot will operate under 1 Group at some point during their time with EAF, within the flying training process.

  • Number 3 Flight Training School (Callsign: SABRE), RAF Barkston Heath.
  • 11 Squadron (Callsigns: SWIFT, KEEN), RAF Coningsby.
  • 9 Squadron (Callsign: BATMAN), RAF Lossiemouth
  • 492 Fighter Wing (Callsign: GYPSY), RAF Lakenheath.
2 Group - Air Mobility & Support

2 Group is the most active wing within GAF as an entirity. Logging hundreds of hours each week, 2Gp keeps all our overseas interests supplied and our 1Gp aircraft fuelled during extended sorties.

  • Number 10 Squadron (Callsign: MADRAS), RAF Brize Norton.
  • 47 Squadron (Callsign: CACTUS), RAF Brize Norton.
  • 99 Squadron (Callsign: SHIFTY), RAF Brize Norton.
  • 336 Squadron RNLAF (Callsign: BULL), RNLAF Eindhoven Air Base.


European Air Force - Together, United, As One.


The GAF RAAF is one of our newest standing divisions. This Air Force branch serves to expand continued GAF interests in the greater Pacific and Australian corridors. The GAF RAF currently is comprised of one squadron but presents plenty of room for growth and expansion.The GAF RAAF follows the real world RAAF officer structure.

The GAF RAAF currently is commanded by @Jacob_Pevere


Currently the GAF RAAF has one established squadron the 37th Group composed of all GAF airframes.

Closing Remarks
We are the Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Global Air Forces. We are an International organization composed of members from around the globe. We pride ourselves on Service, Excellence and Proffesionalism. We strive to encompass all aspects of military aviation service which we capture in our squadrons. Thank you for taking time to view our thread and we hope you will join us and become a part of this truly unique and diverse organization.


Very proud to be part of this organization! :)


Honored to have you with us and the GAF-EAF💪


9 Squadron is based at RAF Lossiemouth.


Making correction now. Thank you.

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Awesome thread as usual!


I cannot say enough about this VA! The attention given to individual pilots, the comrodery, it’s all about the relationships you make, the bonds created when birds of a feather flock together. Loyalty abounds, as far as I’m concerned, this will be the only VA I’ll ever be in! Much love to all my brothers in the 57th! See y’all up there!



As the summer slowly begins, GAF is proud to host Red Flag 2019 again, we are so proud to announce the US Coast Guard joining us this year!
Red Flag will be held in Alaska this round! If you aren’t a member come become a GAF pilot and experience one of our group’s favorite event!


European Air Force to Attend Red Flag - Alaska 2019!

Representatives from every EAF squadron will attend Exercise Red Flag 2019 including our new professional Aggressor squadron, No. 9 Sqn based out of RAF Lossiemouth. This will be the first deployment of the squadron and its first exercise in an aggressor role. Our remaining frontline squadrons, number 11 and 492d FW will deploy F16, F22 and A10 aircraft also while 2 Gp will be sending Tactical Air and our KDC10 aircraft.

This will be the largest EAF exercise deployment in its history, if you want to add to the numbers and attend our flagship training exercise - join today!


New thread is completely awesome! Keep up the good work!


Awesome new thread! 😍😍 I’ll start it off with some pics 😋

Approaching the KDC-10 for some gas!

Maneuvering into position…

Refuel complete, moving into “right echelon” before leaving the tankers airspace…

If you want to join this awesome group and fly these kind of formations join up today!

With regards,



Hi, I used the application form on your website not the one listed above is this ok?

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Its okay, we have not fully transitioned to the airtable just yet so that form is still active.


Just a random question: Have you got any certain Mission or Accomplishment to transport Military passengers using the Omni Air International’s Fleet? I really appreciate your work for the Golbal Air Forces. A FIVE stars for your Virtual Base Organisation. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


We do have contractors to provide movement


The 57th Fighter Wing & 357th squadron has begun spin up training for RF-2019! With the massive exercise just a few short weeks away we are preparing for war!


D-Day EAF Memorial Flyout

We will never forget…


Today we flew a commemoration flight to remember D-Day which kicked off tonight 75 years ago… tomorrow we are flying to the U.S. sector of Normandy but today we flew past Portsmouth harbour and on to the British/Canadian/French zone of Normandy, France.

Departing RAF Brize Norton

Flying past Portsmouth harbour…

Approaching the Normandy coastline… up ahead is Pegasus bridge on the channel that leads to Caen.

Touch and go’s at Caen Airport…

Just past Gold/Juno and Sword beach…

Touch down back at RAF Brize Norton

Just a nice shot…

Some beautiful tails back at Brize…

All parked after a very succesful flyby…

My thanks go out to @Benjwri who set this up with me and to my fellow EAF/GAF pilots who flew this flight with me!

Lest we forget!

With regards,



Red vs Blue!

GAF is extremely proud to announce over 50 pilots for Infinite Flight’s 2019 Red Flag!


This year Red Flag will be held in Alaska. GAF host Red Flag every year, our goal for this event is to properly train pilots to do Dog Fighting, Air to Ground, Air drops, troop deployments. We selected Alaska for this year event. Both sides have their very owned base. Red forces will be based at Eielson Air Force Base, and Blue Forces will be at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER). Red Flag will be held through out South Central and Interior Alaska. If you see the call signs “RED” or “BLU” get a picture and share it with us!!


Loving the new thread !!! looks real good