Official Teams || IF Olympics

I’d like to join in Team Italy because I’m italian ;)
Please accept me

Mattia Bordoni

I am Italian to when I find out how to get live from the app I will create Team Italy and invite you! :)

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Somebody should add New Zealand.

How can I join in Team Italy?

If anyone is looking for El Salvador, here is the new link to the new page. Join today!

Soon I will have live and I will make an instruction page when I get it! Remember you are in team italy when that is made.

Also PM me if you find any planes we can use that are not used already

Can you repeat in italian please?

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Dice che comprerà live e creerà una pagina del team dell’italia e ricordati che tu ne farai parte.

Grazie mille, se sei interessato puoi lasciarmi il tuo numero così io te e un altro italiano possiamo parlare di IF

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Bello trovare altri italiani 🇮🇹

Appunto, lasciami il tuo numero in privato ;)

Guys, please keep it English, I believe there is an Italian section of the forum, or keep it on team Italy’s Olympic page :)

No there isn’t

3 messages don’t kill anyone 😂😂😂

We are people like you 😂

I understand that, but it could of been taken to a PM, we are all people and we all have our own languages and are all as patriotic as yourselfs but if we arnt Italian we have no idea what you are saying 😂

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Ahah true, you are right 😂

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You need a medalion for the end 😂😂😂😂