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Good Evening! (I have removed the inaugural flight portion due to rescheduling). We are still looking to hire more pilots enabling us to add more routes and daily flights. I am also looking to hire a COO. You cannot apply for this position on the website, so please contact me at to apply. Co- CEO positions are also available, as well as HR agent, which requires a Google Drive account. Or feel free to PM me. Thanks :)


Hi buddy, could I ask you to limit the amount threads per VA. It might be a category for them, but please don’t spam it.

I think this thread will be okay but from now, as I mentioned; Limit the topics


Also, would you like to change your event title to fit the Events format?

This isn’t an event. It’s a VA announcement.

Initially it was an event…

It was originally announcing our inaugural flight, but we have joined the SkyTeam alliance and we are working with them to create an event that will celebrate both our formation, and the joining of SkyTeam. The date and time of that event is TBD.

Oh I see. He edited it after you said that.

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