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I’ll just include, if I may, the following for your possible interest.

Safety First magazine - issue 12 (

“Airbus Crosswind
Development and

“In strong crosswind conditions, small amounts of lateral control may be used to maintain wings
level, but the pilot should avoid using excessive amounts. This causes excessive spoiler deployment, which increases the aircraft’s tendency to turn into wind, reduces lift,
and increases drag. Spoiler deflection starts to become significant with more than half
side stick deflection. As the aircraft lifts off, any lateral control applied will result in a
roll rate demand. The objective is for the wings to be maintained level.”

This philosophy applies to the entire Airbus fleet. Although the lateral
stick displacement threshold for spoiler deployment varies a little between types, the objective of avoiding unnecessary spoiler deployment
however remains valid.”


The landing description is there of course also, if of any interest: "…this can result in touching down with some bank angle into the wind, therefore, with the
upwind landing gear first…"etc.


I seem to remember Mentour Pilot producing an investigation video on an American Airlines A321 that suffered a wing strike during a crosswind takeoff due to EXACTLY this issue.

Too much roll input causing the roll spoilers to extend, thus effectively dropping the wing on rotation and causing an unintended yaw input. Fascinating stuff!

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On a super basic and fundamental level, it all comes down to the four forces of flight: Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag.

Super interesting stuff.

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