Official SkyWest Virtual Topic!

This is SkyWest Virtual Official Topic.
We will fly flights for airlines like in real life. A website is in the making.
Airline Owners: If interested in a codeshare send a PM!
People: Send a PM if you want to join!


Do you have a website?

^^^ @B767fan

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What’s a PM? I am intrestead in joining

Private Message

Wait a minute. Continue starting up, and we will help launch you by handing over some of our ERJ-170 or 717 routes. Paradise Air is new, and only flying for me and TravelSky I believe.

Ok cool website is 90% complete.!operations/qavr8

Find DAL1441 and DAL1442, how does that look?

Would you like to join Paradisair? It would be appreciated, so we aren’t competing over a very small market. Skywest still WILL get credit. I’m going to ask delta to make changes on how they list the routes.

Cool I will look into that.

Maybe, good idea though.

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I don’t won’t to compete with you, as it’s such a small market. I’ve also asked delta virtual to give members credit on the website along with Paradisair. It would be great to work with you.

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Hey, someone with in company asked for 1441 and 1442, I’ll make another one for you later if you want, because I see you have your doubts.

Well I was going to take them but okay.

Here, im going to give you my Aspen routes. I need to add them first!

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Take DAL1280 and DAL1281!

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This sounds cool. PM me if you want to join Skyliner Group @Pilot8.

Is there a SKYWEST VA now? Since Skywest flies the CRJ700/900s and E170/75s for Delta Connection, United Express, American Eagle, Alaska/Skywest they should be one now with the new CRJ 700

No need to worry about code sharing and tracking flghts. In flightaware they all use the Skywest callsign. No matter the carrier.

as American Eagle:
Dallas/Fort Worth
Los Angeles
Phoenix–Sky Harbor

as Alaska SkyWest:
Portland (OR)
San Diego
San Francisco

as Delta Connection:
New York City
Los Angeles
Minneapolis/St. Paul
Salt Lake City

as United Express:
Los Angeles
San Francisco

When pax buy tickets they buy through the respective websites DELTA, UNITED etc with flght numbers of respective mainline carriers and don’t know if the callsign is SKYWEST who operate those flights as DBAs (Doing Business As) rather than code sharing

I believe this is what you’re looking for


And please, don’t comment on something that hasn’t been posted on for 2 years.