Official Poll: You Decide the F/A-18 Variant

The time has come to begin development on a rework of one of Infinite Flight’s most legacy aircraft, the F/A-18. The F18 has a long history of service in militaries around the world. With that, comes many variants! This is where you come in.

You, the community, have an opportunity to cast a vote below for the F/A-18 variant that’ll enter development.

Why the F/A-18?

Our military fleet is in need of some love. While not the most widely used set of aircraft in Infinite Flight, fighters and military cargo planes have a strong group of passionate virtual aviators flying them. The F/A-18 is a popular fighter jet included with the app download and is the most-selected military aircraft a new user will fly which makes it the perfect aircraft to enter development, following a string of recent airliners. It is one of the most widely used fighters by militaries around the world, making it a popular choice for military VO’s. Lastly, the abundance of data available for the F/A-18 makes it a great choice for a military rework.

Why the C or E variant?

We’ve decided to host a poll between two of the most popular single-seat variants of the F18 because of their operational roles vs its two-seater counterparts which serves almost exclusively as a training platform (F/A-18B). Both the F/A-18C & E have their own unique characteristics and operators which make them perfect for a head to head community poll.

F/A-18C Hornet


The F/A-18C is a multi-role fighter used primarily in the fighter or attack configuration with the ability to carry heavy payloads to engage a wide variety of targets. Used by militaries around the world, this agile single-seat fighter has been the aircraft of choice to fulfill just about every role!

Potential liveries/operators for the F/A-18C are more abundant and diverse, to include the US Navy Operational and Demonstration Squadrons (Blue Angels 1992-2020), US Marine Corps, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Kuwait Air Force, Spanish Air Force, Finnish Air Force, and the Swiss Air Force.

F/A-18E Super Hornet


The F/A-18E Super Hornet is a single-seat fighter that improves on it’s smaller (25%) F18C predecessor. With a higher payload, longer range, and upgraded avionics, this multi-role fighter is truly an engineering marvel.

As a newer variant, the F/A-18E has few operators with less global representation. Liveries may be included from the US Navy Operational and Demonstration Squadrons (Blue Angels 2020-Present) and Kuwait Air Force.

Technical Comparison
Specification F/A-18C Hornet F/A-18E Super Hornet
Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas & Boeing Boeing
Crew 1 1
Max Speed M1.8 M1.6
Range 1,089NM 1,275NM
Service Ceiling 50,000ft 50,000ft
Fuel Capacity 10,860lb internally 14,700lb internally
Dimensions Span 40’4"/Length 56’1"/Height 15’5" Span 44’8"/Length 60’1"/Height 16’
Weight Empty: 23,000lbs/MTOW: 51,900lbs Empty: 32,081lbs/MTOW: 66,000lbs
Payload 13,700lb (9 hardpoints) 17,750lb (11 hardpoints)
Powerplant 2 x F404-GE-402 turbofans 2 x F414-GE-400 turbofans

Source: F/A-18C | F/A-18E

F/A-18 Variant Poll

Choose the F/A-18 variant you’d like to see in the Infinite Flight fleet!
  • F/A-18C Hornet
  • F/A-18E Super Hornet

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All aircraft-specific features are TBD and development timelines are subject to change.


I’ve been waiting for this hehe
Although the old hornet is nice the super hornet is nicer


I think everyone will share the same reaction:

How did I not see this??

Oh… (realises it was already published privately)

Interesting seeing which variant whines! Best of luck to all (as I know nothing about fightesr)


I voted Super Hornet


Super Hornet.


My vote is for the C Variant, simply because of the diversity: There are so many more liveries. Imagine flying a Swiss Air Force F/A-18 in formation with a SWISS A220 over the Alps, imagine simulating an escorting mission over Canada using a Canadian F/A-18, … And there still are the American liveries! 🗺 🏔

On the Super Hornet, you don’t have these kind of things. You only have the US and Kuwait ☹️


For all those who enjoy power in their lives, vote E. Do you want a hornet or a SUPER hornet 😉

Sorry Marc ❤️


Live Long the Super Hornet


I’l pick the C despite not caring for this at all


Sad it’s only the one seat version not the one and two seat version


Super hornet, obviously. Why? Because it has super in the name.


I’ll try not to scream at this but please direct your vote to E


I voted for the _____ variant.

Though I won’t tell anyone, because I want everyone to have an unbiased, uninfluenced vote where the variant they choose is the variant they want, not the once they’ve been coerced into by other forum members. Let’s avoid a repeat of the a330/220

Happy voting everyone!


Tell me why I should

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Awesome stuff! Looking forward to 2022 and the progress IF makes over the year’s course


I like your thinking

I’m a simple man. I like fast.

Super Hornet goes choo choo.


Awwwwwww yeah! Suuuuper hornet baby! Lesgoooo


Hiding the topic for six days. I see how it is. Smh.

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.25.02 PM

I’m voting for the Super Hornet, no questions asked.


Reason 1. The Super hornet is newer has more power
Reason 2. All USN squadrons will be on this variant at once in their lifetime with the old hornet gone
Reason 3. Would you rather have an old variant or new variant (new)