Official Olympics Q&A

@IceBlue and I have decided to make a Q and A thread about the Olympics. Here are some questions and their answers :).

Where will the Olympics be run?

We are hoping as last year, to have our own private olympic server. More details will come out about this when they are released.
What is the host region?

Our host region is Amsterdam. This is a free region.
When will they start?

Our opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 6th November.
When will events take place?

We will run events usually at 2000Z on Saturday, and 0900Z Sunday. Competitors can attend one or the other session.

What events will be included this year in the Olympics?
They will be released soon.

When are the Olympics?
The opening ceremony will be on November 6th. Please vote in the poll in this thread to pick the date for the closing ceremony…

Is @iceblue better than @Thomas_Galvin in terms of organizing the Olympics?
It remains to be seen 😉.

Feel free to post your own questions, and @IceBlue and I will do our best to answer them!


It’s Iceblue and I ;)


Fixed it. Thank goodness Carson isn’t here lol.


My questions:
Ice, cheeseburger or pizza?
Ice, besides yourself, who’d you favorite TSK Staff member?
Ice, are the Olyimpics in winter due to your name?
Ice, did you intentionally pick a region with Blue water?
Ice, due to your name, will the next Olyimpics (assuming the release of global) be at Troll Airfield?
Anyone, is the Olyimpic Server by invite only or grade?

The one question not answered is… what is the IF Olympics? Does this mean that we are going to be seeing tons of threads as we get closer?

Can I Play with out Live?

No. You can’t. Sorry.

Competition on IF Live.

A) Pizza
B) Simon. Then Phillipp, Gregg and the one I can’t remember.
C) No
D) No
E) No
F) Invite only, you need grade 3 though.

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Oh but the Olyimpics at Troll Airfield would be fun!

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Can i get into the Server as a watcher

Spectators are allowed.

Never mind answered my own question, but for anyone else wondering:

We don’t know which teams are competing as of right now.

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