Official International Space Station Spotting Thread

Spot The Station!

With so much support on my original topic catching the ISS flyover my hometown, I decided to make a thread so everyone here can share their spotting’s.

About The International Space Station (ISS)

The ISS is a module space station in low Earth orbit. It’s a worldwide collaboration with 5 major space agencies contributing. Originally launching in 1998, the ISS has been maned for a little over 20 years.

What Does It Look Like From The Sky?

The ISS looks like a giant bright white dot flying through the sky. ISS travels 17,500 mph or 28,000 km, orbiting our beautiful planet every 90 minutes. It is the third brightest object in the sky, impossible to miss unless it’s cloudy.

How Do I Know When It Is Flying Over Me?

The best resource to use is Spot The Station. It is easy to use simply select the closest point that you are closest to. It is important to note that if the nearest point to you is a couple hundred miles away chances are you’ll still be able to spot it.

Another useful tool I use is called Night Sky. You can track every object in space from this app. In terms of the ISS you can spot the direct direction in which is moving by rotating your device!

Another useful note is that the station travels in Eastern direction.

IOS Download Link:

Picture Quality

There is no standard for picture quality as it’s quite hard to get a clear image of it. Though pictures that are zoomed in don’t turn out well sometimes, I kindly ask that those aren’t posted.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s cool capturing of the beautiful space station!

A special thanks to @CaptainZac and @Nightt in particular for their support.


I’ll go first this was a few nights ago.

This is actually a really cool thread! Well done!


Thank you for the kind words!

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These were some pics from last night, We were able to see it for 7 minutes!

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This is an interesting thread. Might commission my dad to see if he can get it (he is obsessed with astro photos - he’s got a big telescope and everything.


Very tough to get pictures tonight but tried.

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