Official Infinite Flight Page Question

One the official Infinite Flight website under my account name there is the 777-300ER, does the mean it’s my most used plane?

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Well, do you fly it often? :)

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Stupid question from me. What website is this? I don’t think I have ever logged into it.

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hey now, it’s not stupid. And it’s


When I log it in doesn’t see that I have a subscription. lol

Me too @AR_AR When I logged in it says “Select plan to activate stats”. When I click on it I get a message asking to pay.

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Nope, probably about 7 times

Here you go @Captain_Berto same problem so nothing to worry about

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I think the page have a problem because look at the screenshots .
Infinite flight apps

The page

Don’t trust IF website :). The last plane you bought is that because if you buy one it’ll appear there.


Ohhhhh ok, but I bought the F-22 was my last purchase

I think it’s the last purchase, except for some reason it doesn’t pick up live brought in app.

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