Official Inaugural Flights for Aircraft

So, I thought it would be pretty cool if every new released aircraft on Infinite Flight could have an official inaugural flight. Like, the aircraft will be visible on the aircraft selection menu, but it would be locked for everybody except the staff members. Then, it would just be like a regular event. For example, Matt would create the event like normal, then people come to see the aircraft do whatever (choice of the person flying). This would be pretty cool, maybe it would inspire people to buy the aircraft because they got to see how it performed. This should especially happen for the Dash 8. The hype is real with this one, and an inaugural flight will be the first time anybody’s actually seen the Dash 8 for themselves.

  • Make this happen!
  • No… Just no.

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I like this. Dibs on being the Cessna Citation X chase plane


DIBS on Dash 8 😂😜

Staff only ;p

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I call the F-22 for the escort.

No, because this would require an extra update I think. One to push the files for the new a/c in this locked mode, then another to unlock with any additional bug fixes. If I am understanding you right, that is.

Also I think it would require too much staff commitment. What if no one can make the event?