Official IFATC Takeover: United Kingdom

I will be flying to Heathrow in around 10 mins. Hope to see some traffic there :D

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Liverpool (EGGP) will be open for the next 3 hours at least. Feel free to fly in and out!

Find a flight here → Direct (non-stop) flights from Liverpool (LPL) -


Im currently descending approaching Manchester and sadly no ATC👀

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Oof. The event is at 8 so let’s see

Honestly might fly to Heathrow because of how many times I have flown into MAN this week

You’re welcome to tune into 119.85 (Liverpool Radar) and I’ll give you some ATC!

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Thanks bro! Tuned in now

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I’m controlling EGCC now :))

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Just saw that! Happy Days! 😅

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Gonna take an ACJ A318 up from LOWI into EGLC, then maybe hop up to Edinburgh or Jersey! Shame to see Bristol isn’t on the Staff up list :(

I’m leaving IBZ in about 10 mins on the return leg back to LCY should be landing at about 20:50.

Ok so I will be departing Reykjavik in 10 mins for Heathrow!

I’ll see you there 😄

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Just departed! See you in 2 hours! :D

Thanks hahaha

EGVN just opened so bring yourself on down for some military action !!


EGHH Open,

Come down to Sunny Bournemouth;
TUI/Ryanair Hub!

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EGCC fully open

Nice short haul hub ;)


Super fun with my flight from EGKK - EGHH in the 777! Thanks for hosting the event!

I’m so glad you could make it! Thanks for joining.