Official IFATC Takeover: East Coast

Banner made by @Teized

Welcome to our IFATC Takeover! This event series will feature our entire controller team concentrated in a single region with ATC staffing to the max for two hours! Keep an eye on the events category for more spontaneous takeovers. We hope to see you on frequency!

Event Information

Server: Expert

NOTAM: SIDs/STARs required. Local flights to direct neighboring airports not authorized (KJFK-KLGA, KBWI-KDCA, etc). Pattern work at controller discretion.


Airport Ground/Combined Tower Radar
Tampa (TPA) @DiamondGaming4 @Rhys
Key West (EYW) @sb110
Myrtle Beach (MYR) @clee15
Raleigh (RDU) @WesleyHenrich
Washington Dulles @kyle
Baltimore (BWI) @haribo
Washington National (DCA) @toasterstroodie
LaGuardia (LGA) @albo_DUS @guxk
Boston (BOS) @mjp_27 @ThePotato @rob_m
Southwest Florida (RSW)
NY Center @Tajay
Boston Center @Rob_M
Washington Center @IF_Aviation1
JAX + MIA Center @Kamryn

In addition to the takeover event airports, IFATC will also be staffing the featured ATC Schedule airports which include KJFK, KCLT, KPHL, KMIA, and KATL.