Official IFAE-Global Air Forces Thread / Now accepting qualified pilots.


How long is the response time for application’s. I made an application and I haven’t received a response. Thanks


For GAF or IFAE. If I’m not mistaken, usually applications for GAF if you meet the requirements are approved asap. But for IFAE it can take a bit


You will get a response soon @Andrew_Byrne @Scott_Ellis_Paddon will notify you.


GAF UPDATE: 4-16-18

Thank You, Marshall Nutter!

As of today, Marshall of GAF’s Euro Division, Dan Nutter (@Dan_Nutter), has retired from his position. Dan has displayed in his servitude that he has a strong, brotherly bond with his airmen and has gave his spare time, every time to contribute to our high standard for realism. Today he embarked on one last flight from GAF’s home in the Middle East, Incirilik Air Base, back to home in England. We wish him the best of luck in his current situation. In short, there will be no other like him in the Global Air Force. Fly High!

In the meantime, we welcome @Scott_Ellis_Paddon, callsign “Fanta” to the position of Marshall of the European Forces. We too, wish him the best of luck, on his acquisition of his rank and his time in the position.

Photo Credit: Marshall Scott Ellis “Fanta” Paddon, during Nutter’s retirement flight.


Farewell Boss and good luck on your new journey @Dan_Nutter.
Thank you all for this opportunity and thank you for all your support and gratitude for me new positions.
I may never achieve his standard but i will give a good damn try at it !!


IFAEGAF never rests, we fly day and night to keep your airspace safe.
Call sign FANTA departing LTAG Incirlik Air Base Turkey at sunset on an airsuperiority patrol over the Mediterranean Sea


That’s guys for a great time within GAF. Iv made some great friends who i class as family you are all great.
I will miss you all and miss flying with you and I wish you all the best of luck within GAF and continue to dominate the high ground


Thank you @Scott_Ellis_Paddon and good luck on your new roll, i know that you will exceed in all you do for GAF. Good luck buddy


I will try to be at your reception when you are knighted by the Queen for your meritorious service and extreme valor in battle…Marshall Butter …excuse mwa Nutter !!!


Thank you brother, i will continue your great work and dedication for my time here


Are you guys using Slack for comms? Also, are you still accepting pilots?


Yes and yes to both of them!


Um, I am already part of another VA, but I am also interested in this one. I don’t have a paid account on Slack, so would I be able to have these 2 work spaces, or would it not work?


you dont need a paid slack account. i dont think anyone does. As long as you attend 3 training missions for basic you should remain active and also complete three Advanced training missions with your squadron and be active as well


I believe that it says that to have another workspace, you need a paid account. I am already part of another VA that uses Slack, so I don’t know if it will let me have another workspace or not.


it will. i have a half dozen and never have too pay anything for slack


Wow! Ok, thanks! How does the training go? I am pretty busy with school and homework and all, so I can’t attend a training like everyday.


Just attend three trainings in two weeks


Oh, ok. That shouldn’t be too hard. Thank you.


Um, I am not sure if I qualify, as I have 222 flights and only 88 landings.