Official IFAE-Global Air Forces Thread / Now accepting qualified pilots.


I mean you can be apart of the team


Alright so how do I rejoin do I just go back through my emails and find the invite to the Slack or?


You must not know the POTUS. He means business but the media is making it out as a threat. Russia needs to be put back in their place because they think they are equivalent to us. We are the world giant and because we have had people in office who destroyed our reputation, we need to gain our respect back. I believe we will be allies with each other in the future because there will be a mutual respect between the two countries.


I don’t have time right now for the two week training.


I will join both IFAE and IFAE GAF around the same time though.


I still don’t think l am qualified enough yet to join your elite military squadron…besides if l was shot down…l might sink in the alphabet soup before l was rescued !!!


Not Qualified? We’ll make sure you are. We have basic and advanced training programs.


You never know till you try😉. Also we have SAR squadrons, your covered.


Start a WLS (Wifi Lag Squadron) and l will join that !!!


We have tried but it keeps on freezing on us. 🤔


When the IFAE-GAF D.O. shows up to England your bound to get welcomed by our RAF. Credits to @markstursy


“Logistics wins wars” -Mattis. @Silu_Ott in route to NATO incirlik AB ahead of planned operations in the regional area.


Great idea! But first we would need about a hundred pilots in that Squadron. And attendance will be mandatory for every mission. Heheheh 😜


Ready to project airpower globally- part of RAF division waits out the next operational orders. Credits to @Dan_Nutter


The new and approved KSUU.


GAF OPS descending into LTAG with the sun rising!


Sounds awesome especially with c-130 and kc/dc-10 being my favorite aircraft! :)


We are always looking for C130 pilots!


Is there many European members in IFAE or is this a most US centralised VO. I’m in Ireland Europe so I was looking to hook up with similar members if there are any. Just thinking of joining IFAE. Thanks


We are definitetly active in Europe. GAF have bases at Mildenhall, Coningsby and Brize.
Apply today! :)