Official IFAE-Global Air Forces Thread / Now accepting qualified pilots.


Wow. Very detailed website you got there.


New email for applications/request. Send all inquiries here.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Cheers.




Look Great! Best of luck from the Thai VA Team!


NationOfAviation, HR Manager Thai VA.


GAF UPDATE: 3-18-18

Highlights: Operation Unified Front

March 18th, 2018: Egyptian and Omanian divisions of the GAF working in unison, sending troops and supplies to Saudi Arabia to help in its effort to deter anti-government forces and insurgencies in the Sinai Peninsula and conflicts in Yemenian city of San’a, being controlled by Houthi rebels.

Cover for the Herc convoy was provided by a Single F-18. As expected, no bogeys were in our sight, and the supplies and troops were unloaded successfully.


Join our special ops. From AC130s to C1303s we answer the call. Deployed with in a moments notice no mission is too far.

-IFAE-GAF Special Operations-

“First out the door first on the floor”


We are opening bases in Australia. IFAE-GAF is looking for RAAF pilots to fly fight and defend the Australian territory. Support the RAAF and fly under the GAF banner as part of our no.77 sqn “Swift to Destroy” .

Contacts are above on main thread. Thank you for your consideration.




GAF UPDATE: 3-24-18


A major part of the F-22 Demo Team’s Solo Show is the use of Thrust Vectoring Control to showcase what makes the Raptor a plane no enemy wants to see—through unmatched maneuverability.


Oh is that what you are doing… l thought you were testing G forces in steep dives !!!


Military Aviation is quite the experience, but in doing so we always consider our standards and good pilot conduct to the highest value to ensure that there is Excellence in All We Do.


Gotta love GAF What a great group!


Oh my… That’s pretty well “flipped out”.


The OA10 in its natural environment.

Red Air Sortie over the skies of Iran.

Deployed life.


Fast and dangerous and always on call at a moments notice.


So glad that we have this group, Proud be the D.O!


If any VA is looking for a military contract job, DM me!


Looking to rejoin had also quick question will you guys be simulating what is currently going down with Israel and Syria at the moment


Join and find out Christian!


Roger that…


The U.S. is about to commence air strikes soon. I’m pretty sure they are going to simulate that one. 😂😂 @Christian_Richardson


The Russians aren’t gonna have it I don’t think we are gonna get out of this one with a free ticket