Official IFAE-Global Air Forces Thread / Now accepting qualified pilots.


Hey @MisterButler , was this submitted through our website? Also is it for IFAE or GAF? GAF is the military division of IFAE


I always take great pride in seeing our pilots graduate out of basic flight school. IFAE-GAF gains 4 more exceptional pilots and our squadrons gain more mission ready pilots as well. IFAE-GAF recognizes the following members as active duty pilots and commisioned officers in the grade/rank or O1/2nd LT.

“Attention to orders”


The following IFAE-GAF pliots have completed to satisfactory the requirements to pass IFAE-GAF class BT022018-1. They are here by awarded the basic pilot rating and our commisioned as officers in their respective forces.

  1. Adra Oermis
  2. Caleb Mastro
    3.Aakash Chowdhury
    4.Felipe Espana

Congratulations on this momentous ocassion and may you continue to rise and apply yourselfs in the IFAE-GAF. “Excellence in all we do”


Andrew M Sneed CC IFAE-GAF.


Congratulations, Pilots!


One the most enjoyable UPT classes i’ve had the pleasure of working with. Looking forward to their success @ AFT and when they are assigned to their respective squadrons.


IFAE GAF Has one of the most vigorously trained KC-10 pilot squadrons that fly with professionalism each and every time the engines start making many of our sorties successful.


Google View of all current active GAF Air Bases and operations. We are looking to expand our presence with C130, C17 and two fighter squadrons in the Western United States. If you are a KC10, C130, C17 or F16/22 pilots, feel free to contact me directly for details on how to get started.

Note: GAF Operates in a “my career” simulation mode that requires you to spawn where you last landed. Your first mission would consists of a simulated trip flying from your local civilian airport to the 99th Flight Training Squadron located @ Randolph Air Force Base if located in North or South America. For those in Europe, your first flight would be to training base currently held at Incirlik Air Force base in Turkey as Euro forces are deployed in the middle East.



336th Rocketeers Fighter Squad in training:


Fancy flying!

May I ask how these maneuvers would be used in long range combat though?

Unless the IFGAF uses the F-22 for close range… (pssst: it’s designed for long range)


Agree F22 is designed for long range. Till we get active weapon systems however, this doesn’t cut it lol
In IF though, the F22 is really nice to do manoeuvres. So is the F16C. Hope they upgrade the F18 soon.


Long Range combat is very difficult to mirror…


Long range is difficult to replicate and also it doesn’t matter if your long range as if you run out of munition or someone makes a ballsy move and charges then close combat dog fighting is all that you have to do and so we practice for any scenario that is possible in the world of combat


Very interesting!



I can tell from experience with working in training shops for fighters and dealing with them at exercises such as RF all Air Force combat pilots train for both conditions we learned in Vietnam that long range targeting worked great when it worked but many times it did not. The weapons to kill ratio for USAF combat aircraft was around 2 to 6 meaning for every 6 enemy aircraft engaged only 2 were actually destroyed or disabled. Most of the time the enemy got to close for long range weapons and guns became the primary means. The Mig-21 reaped havoc on F-4s, F104s and other aircraft because we would wait for them to be within range. A hard lesson learned with losing both pilots and aircraft. After theses harsh realities the USAF decided that close range combat tactics would be a part of combat training it also paved the frame work for Exercise Red Flag. The F22 as advanced as it is has its flaws for one stealth only works when your not in visual range or under radar track. There is a reason why fighters have gun ports ;) because when all else fails and missiles are not an option all you have are your skills, training and guns.


Sunrise to sunset we are Global Airforce strong!


Demonstration Teams are coming!

We are a work in progress, but once done, we will come soon to an airshow near you. We are currently gathering talented GAF Pilots who show a high level of expertise in their selected fighters.


Trip to South Korea for raising tensions. Successful mission completed


So is GAF and IFAE one in the same? If you join one are you apart of both? @art_martinez


Separate organizations but a lot of IFAE are in GAF!


If you join GAF, you are not in IFAE. GAF is say the stepping stone too IFAE.