Official IFAE-Global Air Forces Thread / Now accepting qualified pilots.


I don’t understand, gaf and IFAE are different?


IFAE-GAF is a different air force VO to IFAF.

Best of luck to you guys, I hope we can do some business together in the near future.

ACM Mags.
Chief of the Air Staff
Infinite Flight Air Force


Ah okay I think that is the same IFAF, thanks sir


Yes sir!:)…


GAF is the airforce wing oF IFAE


We’d be happy to participate in joint ventures in the near future. Cheers Mags.




Just a little look of what we do at IFAE-GAF


What we do: park on the taxiway 😂😂
Amazing thread @Asneed8706 and a decent picture @Dan_Nutter good luck to you!


Looking to serve in a different capacity other than full time? Or are your curiosities with military aviation driving you? The IFEA- Air Force Reserves may be a great fit for you. We attempt to cater to all pilots as best we can and with the Reserves it is just another option on the table. Even if your in another VA/VO and are otherwise qualified we would be ecstatic to have you fly under the GAF banner.

Under the Reserves you would only be required to fly one weekend a month. The rest of the time you would fly your commercial or civil priorities. Second while flying in reserve status ensure you are flying as “GAFR” or IFAE qualified “IFAE-GAFR”.

We Thank you for your time and consideration


Andrew “Huntsman" Sneed CC IFAE-GAF/R


Just a couple of well trained and dedicated F22 pilots on east coast patrol another example of what we do in the IFAE-GAF


“Looking to lead, inspire and teach our next gen professionals?”

Apply today and request a command slot interview. We are looking for motivated mentors and leaders who wish to apply their talents to building up our next gen pilots and future leaders of IFAE-GAF.

Position slots open include the following:

“Basic training instructor pilot/flight lead-Entry commision as captain O-3”

“Weapons and tactics instructors- Entry commision as Captain O-3”

“Intelligence/Targeteer Flight lead- Entry commision as Major O4”

“SQ Commander-Entry commision as Major O4 or Lt Col O5”

Command criteria requirements:

Must be G4 or G5 waiver can be made for exceptional G3’s.
Must have acess to expert server.
Must be able to reasonably communicate needs/requests to higher echelon commanders.
Must be semi active.
Must have descent availability.
Prior leadership experience not required but preferred.

Request interview at contacts above.

Thank you for your time and consideration


"Excellence in all we do"


Stay Alert! Showtime is just around the corner.



IFAE GAF News - Volume 1 , Issue 1 from Thursday February 15
Credits to IFAEGAF Editor In Chief: Brent Kuruma

Stay tuned for next week’s issue!

Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]

HOG 02 and HOG 08 of the 314th Airlift Wing based at Little Rock Air Force Based parked on the apron at Bill and Hillary National Airport (KLIT) after a successful training flight around the area.


IFAE’s Global Air Force News
Volume 1, Issue 2
February 20, 2018
Credits: Brent Kuruma (IFAE/GAF Editor In Chief)


Domination from above Stealth and Speed!


These articles are great, however if you’re trying to follow real world events I would do some reading on the so called Islamic State.


Can you join as a Grade 3 even though you have all the knowledge of how an aircraft works, how to fly it, etc? Seems like my application got rejected, but I seriously would love to join the IFAE.


Hey there buddy. Thanks for taking the time to read it. We tend to mix things up and have some fun rather than keep everything 100% to the real world. Our newsletter is tailored more to the activity that is going on weekly within our VO for our own members.