Official Guide for Medan-Kualanamu International Airport

This Guide is inspired from @Rhys_V’s guide to KBDL and @MJP_27’s guide to KBUF
The format is likely to be very similar

"Official" Guide to Medan-Kualanamu International Airport

Bird eye view of Medan-Kualanamu International Airport. Courtesy of Wikipedia

I could not find a good bird eye view, this is the best I can find :(

Welcome to “Official” Guide of Medan-Kualanamu International Airport. Medan-Kualanamu International Airport is an airport constructed approximately 23km northeast of Medan city, the 5th biggest airport in Indonesia. It replaced the old Medan-Polonia International Airport, which was closed due to lack of space for expansion.

Airline Destination List

Airlines Destinations
AirAsia Kuala Lumpur (WMKK), Penang (WMKP)
Batik Air Jakarta–Halim Perdanakusuma (WIHH), Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta (WIII)
Citilink* Banda Aceh (WITT), Bandung (WICC), Batam (WIDD), Jakarta–Halim Perdanakusuma (WIHH), Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta (WIII), Pekanbaru (WIBB), Yogyakarta (WAHI)
Garuda Indonesia Bandung (WICC), Batam (WIDD), Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta (WIII), Palembang (WIPP)
Indonesia AirAsia Bangkok–Don Mueang (VTBD), Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta (WIII), Kuala Lumpur (WMKK), Penang (WMKP), Yogyakarta (WAHI)
Jetstar Asia Airways Singapore (WSSS)
Lion Air Banda Aceh (WITT), Bandung (WICC), Batam (WIDD), Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta (WIII), Padang (WIEE), Palembang (WIPP), Pekanbaru (WIBB), Penang (WMKP), Surabaya (WARR), Yogyakarta (WAHI)
Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
SilkAir Singapore (WSSS)
Sriwijaya Air Batam (WIDD), Jakarta–Soekarno-Hatta (WIII), Jambi (WIJJ), Padang (WIEE), Penang (WMKP), Surabaya (WARR)
Susi Air* Silangit-Danau Toba (WIMN) – special mention as this airport serves the beautiful Lake Toba

PS: Arilines marked with * do not have livery in IF.
PPS: Some airlines serve the regional islands using Q400 or ATR72 and as there are quite a number of airports served, it is eliminated for simplicity. Except for Silangit-Lake Toba Airport :p (I mean look at how beautiful it is)

Image Credits

Airport Layout

As WIMM is considered small airport internationally (hahaha), I couldn’t find any chart. So hopefully the screenshot below from IF will do :)

Figure 1

Figure 2. Take note of possible conflict as aircraft entering and exiting gates

Section Gate Destination (in reality)
A GATE 01-10 International Remote Stand and Private Jets
B GATE 11-14 International Gate
C GATE 15 Rarely Used
C GATE 33-26 Domestic Gate (order left-right is 33, 32, … till 26
D GATE 16-25 Domestic Remote Stand, mostly used for non-jets and GA
E CARGO 34-36 Cargo Terminal


As this is a small airport, it has only one frequency for each service:
ATIS 126.30 – Ground 130.30 – Tower 118.60 – Approach 119.70
WIMM falls under Jakarta Center (127.00, 128.00, 129.00)
Runway in use: 05 or 23 (both have ILS, 12314x196ft)

No terrain and special procedures needed, just need to take note of possible conflict as above :)

In conclusion

This guide was made as Indonesia was featured today (12SEP20) and Medan-Kualanamu Intl Airport was one of them. Expect me to control WIMM sometime today :)

Thank you for reading this guide and enjoy your flight :)

This is my first official guide. Any feedback is welcomed on improving future guides that I plan to create (if any)


Great Guide which hopefully helps in todays ATC Day :) great Job


Love it how you have used actual Infinite flight diagrams!!

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Medan-Kualanamu is officially open for business :D come and swing by in time for great sunset :)


Medan-Kualanmu is now closed. Thanks for everyone who stopped by @Ethan_Lee1 @powdarrmonkey @T2118AB and Philipp (sorry did not know your IFC username). Hope to get a chance being featured again next time :)


Went to see the sunset. 10/10 Recommend

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Hello everyone

Today is IFATC at Home, as such you can expect WIMM to open sometime today.

Opening Plans:
03OCT20 / 1030Z - 1145Z / 2020-10-03T10:30:00Z2020-10-03T11:45:00Z

IFATC At Home | 3 October 2020

Swing by and have some fun. Also, enjoy the sunset while you’re here :)

WIMM GTS is now open :) Do swing by for some sunset patterns :)

WIMM GTS is now closed. Thanks to @Pilot_Nidhal and everyone else for dropping by :)

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You’re welcome,
Hope to see u again :)

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Hello everyone. Hope you have been doing fine and staying safe in this period.

Today is IFATC at Home again, and as such you can expect WIMM to open today.

Opening Plans :
26NOV20 / 1445Z - 1559Z / 2020-11-26T14:45:00Z2020-11-26T15:59:00Z

IFATC at Home | 26 November 2020

Swing by and have some fun ;)


Uhhh my home airport 🤩


Hello everyone. Hope you have been doing fine and staying safe in this period.

Today is IFATC at Home again, and as such you can expect WIMM to open today.

Opening Plans :
26DEC20 / 1030Z-1200Z 2020-12-26T10:30:00Z2020-12-26T12:00:00Z

IFATC at Home | 26 December 2020

Swing by and have some fun ;)

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I like those guides to airports.
Nice one, just one thing:
Airport Information Package for Indonesia can be obtained from the official source at
The required Acount is free of charge.

Aerodrome chart:

Docking charts, SID, STAR, Ground movement charts, it is all available for free despite been a “small” international airport.
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Wow very nice. Much appreciated. Thank you so much @Major-Tom :D

Nice job @Anthony_Morgan 👍

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Hello everyone. IFATC at Home is back again and of course, I will be opening this humble airport as usual.

Time: 30JAN21 @ Between 1200Z-1600Z

Enjoy IFATC at home and hope to see you guys there :D


It is that time of the day again a.k.a. IFATC at Home. So yeah I will be opening this airport😉

Likely time will be around 0900Z-1000Z. As a bonus, since I have just passed Officer now, I will be opening either Local (Ground, Tower, ATIS) or Radar (Approach, Departure, ATIS) or even Center 😍 do drop by for my first radar session at my home airport and feel free to do radar patterns😁


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