Official Guide for Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Your Official Guide for Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Hello everyone! Since Buffalo is a secondary airport on Wednesday’s ATC schedule. I decided to make a guide for my home airport, Buffalo. Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the 2nd busiest airport outside of the three airports in NYC. The airport serves with 7 airlines.

Airlines and their routes that serve Buffalo

Airline Destinations
American Airlines Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth
American Eagle Chicago–O’Hare, Philadelphia, Washington-Regan, Dallas-Fort Worth
Delta Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis,
Delta Connection Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia
Frontier Airlines Denver, Fort Myers, Miami (resumes December 17th, 2020) Raleigh/Durham, Orlando, Tampa
Jetblue Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York-JFK, Orlando
Southwest Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Tampa
United Airlines Chicago-O’Hare
United Express Chicago-O’Hare, Newark, Washington–Dulles
*Vacation Express Canćun
  • *Vacation Express flights are operated with a VivaAerobús A320.

Terminal Gates:


Gate Airline
1 International Charters
2 International Charters
3 Frontier Airlines
4 American Airlines
5 American Airlines
6 American Airlines
7 JetBlue
8 JetBlue
9 N/A
10 United Airlines
11 N/A
12 United Airlines
14 United Airlines
15 Southwest Airlines
16 Southwest Airlines
18 Southwest Airlines
19 N/A
20 Delta
21 Southwest Airlines
22 Delta
23 Delta
24 N/A
25 Delta
26 N/A

Cargo Routes:

Airline Destinations
Ameriflight Binghamton, Elmira, Plattsburgh
Fedex Syracuse, Indianapolis, Memphis, Ottawa
UPS Louisville, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Windsor Locks-Bradley

Cargo Gates:

Gate Airline
Cargo 01 Ameriflight
Cargo 02 Ameriflight
Cargo 03 Fedex
Cargo 04 Fedex
Cargo 05 Fedex
Cargo 06 Used for Sports Charters
Cargo 07 UPS


The main runway that they use at Buffalo is Runway 23/05. The other runway they use is runway 14/32.

Runway Length/Meters
23/5 8,829/2,691
14/32 7,161/2,183


Currently in Infinite Flight, Buffalo only has arrival procedures. I’m going to show you from what direction to use the procedures.

If runway 23 is in use, the arrival they use in real life is the H23-Z arrival.

If runway 5 is in use, you the arrival they use in real life is H05-Z

Info for IFATC

So, when your getting the ATIS all set, at Buffalo, no intersection departures are allowed for all runways at Buffalo.

Also, if your controlling approach at Buffalo. If their using runway 23, only visual and GPS approaches is recommended. That’s what they use at Buffalo. If their landing on runway 5, then ILS, visual, and GPS approaches are used in real life. This is just a recommendation, not a requirement.

I hope this helps out for everyone flying into Buffalo and IFATC controlling Buffalo for tomorrow’s Friday Night Flight.


Since Buffalo is featured for on Wednesday on the ATC schedule! I’m going to bump this!


Today. Buffalo is featured!

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