Official Göteborg Landvetter (ESGG) Rework Tracking Thread

Welcome to the Göteborg Landvetter Airport Tracking Thread!


This thread is intended to provide an overview of the development of Göteborg Landvetter Airport. I ask you not to request any other airports to be reworked regarding 2D or made 3D. Feel free to send me photos that you took from the airport over.

Development Progress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions
When will the Airport be released?

There is no official date for release. The Airport Moderators decide which airports get released. A few factors that influence this decision:

Small Airports, Medium Airports, Big/Major Airports, Airline Airports, Military Airports, GA Airports, Location/Region of Airport, Other airports in that same country/region (located to a nearby released airport already?), Things that Infinite Flight could be planning (aircraft, liveries, new objects, 3D structures, etc.)

Can you also make <insert your airport> 3D?

The Airport Editing team is currently not taking requests. It’s planned that all Airport will be 3D in the future and with the recent opening of applications this will even go faster.

How can I become a Scenery/Airport Editor?

If you would like to become a Scenery Editor go check out this topic which explains everything you need to know and how to apply.

How long will it take until the airport is finished?

I don’t have a fixed date for the completion of Göteborg but if everything goes according to plan the airport should be ready for release in November. This for sure does not confirm any release date.


The previews will also be posted on the following social platforms:

image - Instagram
image XY_MAGIC - YouTube



With Project Norway developing nicely, its nice to see more scandinavian airports ! I’m excited for this one:)


All major pavements have been reworked and the process of reworking the taxiway lines has just started. Stay tuned for more WIP shots coming very soon!


This is great! May I ask how much progress you have made?


Hello, I took a half year break with Infinite Flight, but now started flying again, controlling and working on airports. I am very sorry for all of you who were looking forward to the airport a few months ago that the process has taken so long now. For the time being the revised 2D version will be released, later possibly 3D as well.


Welcome back! Thank you for your hard work, and I hope that it can become 3d in the future!

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Hi Wondering how this airport is coming along?

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Any updates on if this will be 3d? It’s really needed as Sweden only has 1 3d airport…