Official: Flybe Collapses & Goes Into Administration

Can’t imagine of what everyone on that flight is feeling rn from the pilots to cabin crew to the ATC. This is so sad and is going to have a big affect on regional airports in the UK.

Let’s hope a miracle will happen like last time!

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Looks like it in the moment, but there’s been a recent departure from Birmingham as well, and hence it seems to be a very dynamic situation. Not sure if we will see more flights leaving or how everything will unfold.


I heard that they desperately asked the government for emergency funding in a last ditch attempt to keep going, I don’t think they will get that though:(

Let’s hope they ground all flights to prevent money loss

Hashtag time!


Government already removed air passenger duty tax for them so bascially bailing them out again was highly unlikely considering they didnt do that for TCX.

Wrong person was for @Gm2kmike20


Let’s pray for flybe so they will grown all flights🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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Corona is sure taking its told on our industry

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Scrolling through twiiter and just goes to show how important Flybe was to many communities

I enjoyed listing to the sound of the Q400 landing when it was landing in my local airport Teeside airport.

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I have a friend who flies FO in Dash-8s, all my thoughts goes to him and those that will be affected. Hopefully, Flybe can get out of this successfully.

One of my favourite airlines

I am preparing a “Press F to pay respects” memeorial as we speak type.

Word on the street is that creditors have begun the process of seizing FlyBe assets, all further flights cancelled.


Can’t understand why some flights are still departing if seemingly most of the on-ground fleet has been impounded. Wether Edinburgh has just missed the beat (strange?) or what’s going on?

BE378 just took off.

One would assume that they are returning to their respective bases.


They have to stick the notice on the plane. You can’t place the notice of seizure on a plane at FL 240. Not to mention the creditors aren’t that coordinated to have people at every possible airport seizing planes the moment they go into default. Rest assured that their creditors are tracking every flight to ensure that their notice is served the moment the doors open after the remaining flights land.

But the creditors include the airports, the airfield duty manager has the power to impound aircraft. No need for a creditor to be present. I understand flights are airborne but some are taking off despite the previous notices of aircraft being impounded.

More images confirming, aircraft blocked upon arrival at what seems to be Manchester

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This can have a ton of reasons. Probably some flights have already been paid for, the aircraft/crew is to be returned to the corresponding base (as @Chatta290 already mentioned) or other factors play a role.


G-FBJJ diverted to Manchester en route from Birmingham to Glasgow.

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This is sad to see 😞

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