Official: Flybe Collapses & Goes Into Administration


It’s official.

A letter was just sent to all Flybe employees:

Dear Team,
It’s with enormous sadness and a deep feeling of sorrow that I share the upsetting news that Flybe is shortly being put into Administration. Despite every effort, we now have no alternative – having failed to find a feasible solution to allow us to keep trading.
I expect Ernst & Young (EY) to be appointed as Administrators and once official they will be in contact to explain the situation and next steps. I do appreciate how distressing this news is and the shock and numbness that you will be feeling.
Despite your hard work, commitment and some amazing results which we have delivered, and have been achieving up to the last day of operation – particularly for our customers who depend on us across the country, we have come to the end of the road. While our shareholders and the Leadership Team have worked with the Government and key suppliers to try to get the funding and support needed, this has not materialised.
The coronavirus has impacted both our shareholders and ourselves and has put additional pressure on an already difficult situation. I am very sorry that we have not been able to secure the funding needed to continue to deliver our turnaround plan. Although I have only had the honour of being your CEO for 8 months, it’s been an incredible privilege to lead such an amazing team of people and the Flybe family.
I could not have asked for more – your unwavering commitment, support and resilience to deliver for our customers has been truly inspiring. I am just so sorry that we have not been able to see this through. I feel so proud of you and want to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you the very best for the future. - Mark official collapse notice:

Sad to see them go. Unfortunately a ton of cities in the U.K. will lose their connection to larger cities. Condolences to the 2000+ employees as well.


So… can they not collapse but just temporarily stop doing things until the situation improves?


I mean the issue is that Flybe is in a really bad financial situation since quite a bit and has just very recently been saved. It remains to be seen how everything develops, but Flybe‘s issues are much deeper than just the current situation.

Thoughts with the Staff, who once again have to endure a period of uncertainty.


My question is why Virgin is not helping the airline if they plan on taking it over?


I think Coronavirus is going to be really hard on airlines, but let’s remember some good can come from this, it’s going to probably open up a lot of room in the market for start ups, cause business model shifts from the big guys, spur manufacturers to create the best planes they yet have. It’s easy to get dejected as we see many airlines collapse, but at some point the weak must die, and if something better can come along, that’s fine by me… 🤷🏻‍♂️

I mean sure it’s more likely there network will get snatched up by the big guys, but then at least we have more connections, and what not, let’s hope this ends well, and try not to get caught up in the bumps on the way…

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Looking at the breaking news, seems some planes are diverting. Saw the news when someone online mentioned a Dash 8 got seized at Birmingham.

As always, my thoughts are with all the staff. Gate agents, pilots, flight attendants, ramp workers…They got to put up with angry customers right now while worrying if they’re about to lose their jobs…


Virgin did just inject tons of money together with their partners in January and there is speculation ongoing wether Virgin doesn’t want to invest even more money into a potentially failing company.

Rumours are especially fuelled by the very, very slow rebranding of Flybe into Virgin Connect.

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This is unfortunate. Hopefully all of those who will be left jobless because of this won’t struggle to find new jobs.

If they quickly rebranded then it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s in limbo right now which isn’t helping them in any way. Such a joke really.

Aircraft are being impounded:


An official Flybe announcement is expected to be at 11:00 p.m.

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Where’s that picture taken from? This looks really, really bad.

Looks like this is the final flight:


Sounds like 2300z the announcement will be made.
Hannover-Manchester should be last flight.

Big loss to UK regional airports

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The more I read, the worse it sounds:

And as @Chatta290 kindly made me aware of that letters, here you have something looking very similar looking attached to one of their aircrafts:

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RIP FLYBe, just saw the FR24 post as well. Sucks for a well-branded airline to have to call it a day

Well, this is sad

Virgin need to take some responsibility for this. They didn’t help the situation at all. Allowing Flybe to get into a situation like this. Not fun at all 😞

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Probably the very last Flybe departure (at least for now), just left Edinburgh:


That will make him the last flight

(Assuming no more takeoffs)

Flybe friday night flight?