Official fly out request LKPR

It would mean a lot to me if we could see an official Prague fly out hosted by infinite flight on the 29th of may as it is on the ATC schedule list on that day.
I understand if you don’t like this

-kind regards
Se.Mal aviation
Also should I put this in features?

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If you would like to see a group flight or fly out put it in #live:groupflights or #live:events. But not in features :)

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Ok thanks Oregon I will do that

Hello there,
That sounds like a great idea! That said, events at Infinite Flight have transitioned more towards community-led. Amazing community events stem from an amazing idea like the one you have presented. If our staff members see that your event is geared towards full-community participation, your event will have a chance at being featured by Infinite Flight as an Official Infinite Flight Event.

I’ve attached a little more information about creating community events here:

I look forward to seeing what you can create! :)
Have a great day,


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