Official FDS Infinite Flight Event Feedback

Hello pilots.

The very first Turbulent Tuesday, all free flight server weekly event went on yesterday, and seemed like those attending enjoyed it.
Your feedback is welcome, and will help with making future events as fun as possible.

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I came on the 20:30gmt event and had a great time. Thanks for organising.
I always enjoy your tour through the mountains type events in Seattle and Denver.

The Cirrus / 208 event a year ago was awesome.

Loved it. Slower airplane next time. No loops unless very small plane.

I will definitly do mountain tours in Seattle and Denver regions. Thank you.


Awwwe I missed the famous mountain tour? When’s the next one?

I haven’t done a mountain tour FNF for a while. However I am thinking I’ll do one this next Tuesday.

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You should do a tour around all the peaks in Seattle, Helens,Adams and Rainier. “Three peaks tour”

I will. Haven’t done that one for a while.

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These tours were the best events in my opinion ;)