Official: FAT Ceases All Operations

Taiwanese airline Far Eastern Air Transport is ending all operations on December 13 (tomorrow).

Their website has now been updated:

“The company’s long-term operation due to loss of capital measures difficult”

(English Translation):

Far East Airlines reported today that it will be closed. The Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Communications did not confirm it. It only responded that a press conference will be held in the Civil Aviation Administration in the afternoon and will be notified when the time is determined.


The airline currently operates a mixed fleet of MD-80s and ATR 72s and has 11 737 MAX 8s on order. FAT flies from its hub in Taipei Songshan to cities in Asia


F. I wish the staff all the best in their future endeavours. It’s always disheartening seeing an airline close shop.

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I guess another airline gone this year in the dog eat dog airline industry. This is really sad, as they were one of the last commercial airlines operating the MD-80s. Wonder where their former assets will go to.


First it was Vanilla air, now this…

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Vanilla Air was a merger with Peach, done by its parent company and main shareholder ANA. It was actually doing well in terms of profits, but ANA only wanted to keep a single airline, so they decided to do a merger.


Sad to see them go. I’ve seen their planes many times at TSA, and it was always a pleasurable sight. Best of luck in their future endeavors!


And now they were 4 that are no longer with us.

Was it 4 or 5 airlines?

Rest in peace. That’s another

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JK? The airline is still out of cash, but may not be facing shutdown after all. FAT may live another day.


Uhm ok?

Just like Eastern Airlines when they thought it shut down but it really did not?

Well, it seems that we should have an Asian Airline swoop in and either buy them for a feeder airline or merge it.

I guess FAT had one of these up their sleeve:

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Vanilla Air ceased operating? What? Seems Value Alliance is kind of falling apart now, first Tigerair Asia, now Vanilla.

Just checked the Value Alliance website and it seems Tigerair Australia has pulled out too.

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