Official F/A-18 Super Hornet Tracking Thread

Yeah, there’s “blocks”, from one to three. I’d assume this is a Block I or II Super Hornet.

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I am not very into military aircrafts but this one is coming together really nice!

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At first, I thought F/A-18E will have newer full glass display like this but it looks okay to me at least.

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That’s the new cockpit, the block iii, just started production, there are very few units with this cockpit.

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Most if not all current pre-Block 3 Super Hornet cockpits have a touch screen for that top number pad console. I don’t recall one having the Legacy Hornet’s.


looks amazing! Excited for this update whenever it comes out!

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No comment at the moment! Actually, that does look nice, I take back what I said earlier!

How could you even imagine that? It’s clearly a hi-resolution WIP of a balloon cockpit.


This Cockpit is SUPERb

This is pretty awesome.

I would like to be proven incorrect, but this looks like a legacy hornet cockpit, rather than the Super Hornet.

I did some video searches to back this up.

Here is a video of an FA-18C pilot getting his jet ready to to go. You can clearly see that it a a C variant at time stamp 2:34 during his walk around. At time stamp 7:20 you get a good view of the cockpit.

Another video here at time stamp 1:03 shows the cockpit of an FA-18A.

This also matches a video I found of a Canadian CF-18, go to 1:20 to see the cockpit. The Canadian hornet is similar to the FA-18A

Compare these to Super Hornet cockpit in this video at time stamp 0:21

And this one at time stamp 2:38 where you can see the pilot using the touchscreen.

If I am proven incorrect, then I will accept it. I just hope that the Infinite Flight Devs don’t have their variants in muddle, given the drama that unfolded during the vote result announcement.


I am no expert, but here’s what others said:

Maybe that’s the reason

Now the real question I have, is what is that cockpit capable of doing?🤔 can’t wait to see that answer


Well for sure live Cockpit A moving stick and a moving throttle

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Yeah I’m pretty sure this is the legacy hornet cockpit. Super hornet has the digital upfront control as others have said as well as digital engine gauges. Might be a mix up here?

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Y’all are think of the block III, that has the fancy screens. They’re apparently making the block II or I. No mistake, we’re getting the super hornet, like the poll results said.

Btw, it looks sooooo hot 🥵


Yall know too much but the military is equally a complex animal particulary in product version bids so I can see from the replies where the WIP pic’s confusion clashes there, but IF had stated the following a while back in the forum, which makes me happy…

Our aircraft physics are based on real world data and tested by pilots who actually fly the aircraft in real life

So beside IF always doing their job as a solid team, I also presume they’ll use the above as S.O.P and have a real F/A-18 expertise to QC it anyway, I’m sure there’ll be no big trivial mistakes (like a different version cockpit, etc) once this baby’s out the hangar, rest assured!

I think the team must lose brain cells every time they see an argument like this crop up…

As a friendly reminder, the dev team and 3D artists are professionals. The sim is their job. So by definition that means they know a fair bit about what they’re doing. Don’t you think it’s a bit insulting therefore to insinuate that they don’t know anything about the plane they’re building from the ground up? Especially when Tyler is a military ATC controller? At least give them a little credit!

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to when we can see this in the Infinite Flight flight! Looking fantastic!


Don’t. Do. That.

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To add on, it’s WIP, subject to change.

Anyways, awesome job! can’t wait to see some more photos of it.