Official Expert Pilot Video Tutorials

These could be made to show how to use and respond to ATC commands from the pilots perspective along with how to use advanced features and maybe even throw in how to do some real world procedures. This would be used to prep for the Expert Pilot Test.

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There are tons of tutorials in #tutorials and accessible from the app:

Please search before posting. Thanks!

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My bad for not being specific enough official video tutorials on expert use of features

there is a category for tutorials you know that right?

Official, as in on the official infinite flight YouTube channel

There are posts by the glorious and knowledgeable @Mark_Denton that feature video tutorials of various IF features and procedures.

oh wow whats this i found METAR Tutorial Part 6 - YouTube

man that happens to be a tutorial on the official infinite flight youtube channe

Yeah that’s official, most of the tutorials in that section are written

Thanks but we already have enough tutorials. Called Tyler or Mark YouTube channel

There is quite a few already there but they leave a lot of sections uncovered

your majesty anythign you recommend

Okay first off let’s never mentioned the words “pilot test” or “expert server exam” in any way shape or form again.
Second the videos we have now are enough. Good idea but it’s not needed :)