Official Event | vRIAT 2022 - An Infinite Flight Event

so you pay both subscriptions?

Yes I do (10 Characters)

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ok :)

which dates

29 July
30 July
31 july


@HercDriver206 @Q-ENAN @Appalachian_Airlines any comfirmation yet


For all those on static, make sure to take some pictures of the show, because the best ones will be on the front cover on the vRIAT 2023 topic!

Unfortunately I can’t take part now, hope you have a great show 👍🏻

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That’s a shame but things happen, thank you for your wish :)

However don’t worry, as provided we have the demand, we will do this every year :)


I’d love to bring a spinning raptor, I’ll let you know if I can take part.


You may come :)

A spinning raptor, that’ll be good lol 😂

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@Q-ENAN which days would you like

29 jul , 30 jul , 31 Jul

and the morning or afternoon?

Since the event is so far away I’m not sure if I will be able to join. But il let you know if I can

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thanks :)

Also I would like to perform in the afternoon.

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ok :)

That will be put on the schedule:)


Which aircraft is the Frontier display, the A318 , A320 or A321

The announcement here is that due to special request, we cannot allow any other future demo team to use the A10 Warthog for their display. This member has kindly requested to be the only one to use the A10 in a demo, so may we please be respectful of their wishes. Luckily, no team as of yet has used the A10 so this change will only affect prospective pilots.

Also, the slots will end at 1500Z on Saturday and Sunday for this A10 demonstration. Anyone who would like to see it, please be at the static area on these days

All other displays and other proceedings will continue as normal
Thank you for reading and have a good day

K just to clarify what days did she sign up for?

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