Official Event: Short HOP to Nice!

Yes I saw you

I was leaving the airport early so I would not be in a crowded airport

99.9% of the time this is all I see

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Oh nobody told me guess I have to bring my F18 up and escort


Come escort me :D

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@Dan the real flight shows that the gate at NCE is A3

I bet you it will already be taken by the time we get there lol

I will give you a flyby

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G-SWAA spawning in a few mins 🙂

Cool, I’m not too far behind from Dan

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Spawning now :)

And there is center which i am getting away with contacting 😏

Done with my escorting as dan reached his Tod thanks for my little show 🙂

Bruh ATC had me deviate for some reason lol

I’m pretty sure that happened to most pilots, it happened to me


Yeah I look at other peoples route and it did. Weird.

Hahaha, yes, I got to park next to Dan. I feel very accomplished lol

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Thanks you for joining this flash flight!


@Bay_Area_Aviation everyone needed at least 3NM and 1000ft separation, so I had to ensure that. In order to do that i had to deviate some people then put them back once separation was meet. God that was hectic

@Southwest_2115 you were the least of my worries lol