Official Event: Palma de Mallorca Fly-In!

The event is for 24 hours so traffic should exist throughout the majority of the day.


I will surely join!

see @Pilot_InfiniteFlight look you can say it

I will be joining

Cool and welcome to the community!

Unblock @ EGLL towards LEPA

im sure it starts at 6am today and ends at 6am on wednesday

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I will fly in from Brussels on Transavia :)

I don’t see it its not in my server it’s casual

majority of the traffic will be on the expert server during the event because there is IFATC providing their service , but it’s an all-server event so feel free to join in on casual or training :)

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I’ll be flying from Luton to Mallorca at 1700Z if anyone wants to join :)


streamed? or leisure?

Just leisure! Got lots of bits behind the scenes to work on this week :D

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I might spot at Mallorca then ;)

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i would like to join you ))

I’ll be on the es as I’ve had my unavoidable overspeed violations removed by the kindness of the appeals team

See you there! I’ll be on expert

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I’ll be coming in Ryan air

Ryan air 329

which aircraft will you be bringing?