Official Event: Palma de Mallorca Fly-In!

Nah a330. That thin is crazy huge.

Found the video.

This was 9 years ago tho.

I live in Majorca and the biggest plane that has come is the A380 from Malaysia Airlines.
This happened in the summer 2019 after the bankruptcy of Thomas cook.
The photo is mine


I’ve been years waiting for this 🥸

The icao is LEPA. LPMA is madeira :)

Damn! Cool to see an A380 there


It’s your time to shine! 😄


That route is now operated by a puny a320

Perfect time to bring back the United flight from Newark to Palma de Mallorca might have to do it :)

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EasyJet U21064 Mallorca-Basel for me :)

i’ll be flying in from frankfurt on a lufthansa a321

I’m very sorry that I can’t join you, guys. I have to low level and I don’t time right now 🥲🥲 Good luck guys!

Is it any server is it causal server


Firstly, welcome to the community! This event is an all servers event, with the opportunity of IFATC being present on the Expert Server.

Take care!

Yep it is on all servers, but there will only be IFATC on the expert server, of course!

Flying from KMIA B777 ER United 381

no offense, but why are you attending an event at 2AM lol 😂

ya’ll are dedicated fr

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Called being at work and passing the time

I’m definitely gonna be an hour late but I’m sure the traffic will hold up till then am i right? someone pls im scared