Official Event: Manchester Fly-Out!

The stream time is 1300Z. Unfortunately I will not be streaming at 10pm BST😅


Is this taken?

I don’t think they do gate assignments.


I know I’m just saying that someone else might be flying it

They don’t lol

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I doubt it tbh.

A 24 hour event yessir!

Even if someone else is flying it you still can!

cant wait to fly! i may be able to fly in the training server or be ATC in training!



That’s early

Same lolll

Can’t wait :D

For some reason this gives me Friday Night Flight Vibes😄 only that its on thursday

I will try everything possible go to🙂

I’m always attending Dans events!

Very Excited

Gonna do MAN-MCO

Anyone wanna do this with me?

Ima Try My Hardest to Join Cause Collage is in the Way and I wake up early early