Official Event: Istanbul Fly-In!

Can’t wait!

Looking forward to this! Getting set up currently on a flight from Bangkok to Istanbul with the Turkish Airlines A330. See you all there!

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To everyone attending, have a great flight! Aiming for few mins past Wave three, THY184, 11H01M ETE @ LTFM.

I’m THY 181 following you, have a great flight!

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I did see you as I was departing, how was your takeoff? mine was a bit shallow first then too steep, but managed it. What wave do you think you’ll make @Kyan_Perry?

Wave 3 around half way through

tracked you ~142nm behind me, just off the Florida coast. May you butter that landing. Almost went for the THY76 route outta Vancouver.

Just took off from EHAM, and should be arriving at Istanbul in 2hrs 16mins.

Im off from Jeddah🇸🇦! Here I Come istanbul😍🇹🇷

Thanks @med_hadi.a for such a amazing airport! 😍 I love the new OEYN



Jordanian 1267 Heavy on the way to IST right now.

(Training Server)

Going to fly in with one of the 1 hour flights in the 737!

Ahahaha it can be fun

I’m doing EGLL - LTFM, just taken off.
B777-300 Flight TK1980

Sorry I couldn’t make it, I had school :(