Official Event: Cape Town Fly-Out!

Welcome to IF community @Nize_Qutu!

FACT-FIMP i’ll fly if i can manage to stick it in before i go out later on

I’m gonna fly out from FACT to African routes on ETVA colours all day long 😛✈️

Have just flown OMDB to FAOR, now going to take off FAOR to FACT to start my homeland tour

What a beautiful experience it is, to fly with fellow aviators in such low visibility conditions!
I’m loving it!

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Can’t wait to fly out in the A350 w/ the Ethiopian livery after work #excited

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Yes very speculator weather conditions on departure📸📸📸

Just landed, wow heavy fog. Prepping my route out now to FAPE


Take off from FACT over False Bay with Table Mountain to the west, and Stellenbosch and Jonkershoek to the east


hi there! it was my very first live event and it was amazing (and a little exciting, but it was good). I’m very impressed, thank you so much for doing this!

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Capetown already busy!://

just leveled off above southern france. flying ELLX-FAOR so i hope it’s still busy by the time i arrive

@Oregon001 what’s your ETA?

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Like 9.5 hours ish. The 748 is unpredictable so I don’t know if I have enough fuel to make it

We’ve got really bad Issues on the ground at Cape Town

oh boy…sounds fun.

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Horrible ATC service by Ground

who’s controlling?

Awful:((( (10 Characters)

it is @Elias.ma11