Official Emirates Cargo Virtual Airline Opening! Recruiting new pilots!

Become a pilot for Emirates Cargo VA!

Emirates Cargo is opening a new VA in the Infinite flight community
We are recruiting new pilots, and also new members of the team!

Updates about this VA are coming soon!

There are different ranks as you go along, including flight time with us and how many events you attend!

When you will join, you will have a test flight with me or another staff member, to see if you get a place in the Official Emirates Cargo VA!

If you are interested please consider becoming a member of the team

Disclaimer: To join you must be at least grade 3

Our Aircraft


There will be a new slack group coming soon

we are also looking for new staff members if you are interested.

If you want to be a pilot or a staff member, then direct message me @Polski !


Hey there! To run a VA, you must be IFVARB Certified! Read about it here:

And there is already an Emirates VA, join here!



Also, Emirates SkyCargo is part of the Emirates company which is part of Fly Emirates Virtual.

Please see the above