Official El Al Virtual Trailer 2020

El Al Virtual Trailer 2020

Welcome to the new El Al virtual! We’ve made plenty of changes, and this means that we also have a new video! You could find it on our website, but I will link it here as well! Please enjoy the video!

El Al Virtual | New You, Better Us | Official Thread

@Z-Tube @ToasterStroodie @RitzRegis @EAK209 @Hunter777 @elal-virtual

All shots were taken and edited by me. Editing done with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020.

How was the video?

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That thing gave me goosebumps the whole time! Great job team!


Our newest version has been added.


I hope you guys enjoy it!


I sure did!

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It wasn’t bad, but in my opinion, you maybe should have chosen a shorter song so you could get your message through faster, without having to make that long breaks between text. Also some cuts were weird, after all still a good video!

Can’t wait!

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