Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread

Question would that mean they roll it out to Android then wait a few days to fix all bugs or hen IOS

That’s correct.

I mean it sucks but I would rather have a nice game with no bugs rather than a game with a tons of bugs

Just remember the old saying goes something like this,

“First the worst, second the best…”

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast. A nice slow roll out of an update to Android first allows Infinite Flight to catch things (issues) in a smooth manner. That smooth manner will result in the update coming to iOS much quicker.


we are gonna see on our end heaps of invisible planes!! until it release for IOS

You sure will! Just like all of the current beta testers.


You will still see them on the map…and the new ground proximity alarm added in 22.7 will stop you from running into them.

me who have both IOS and Android

yeah i will still see their ID markers just not the planes themselves.

and on their end they might see invisible E175 and E195’s!

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It could be hours or days. It depends on how the initial Android release goes.


Good to know like DC said

And I would much rather have a game with little to No bugs thanks for the info guys and can’t wait to Fly the New JB E190’s


I once again get it right

Cough cough

@United403 @BennyBoy_Alpha


You had a 50% chance of getting that right, to be fair :p


Is this also being done to not necessitate the time required to push out an IOS hotfix, which according to the post, takes more time due to the approval time? Since the devs will be on holiday during the holidays, so this will solve the issue of not having major issues over the holidays arise that need a hotfix.

Wow, Cameron wow

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Literally, yes.

It also allows them to push fixes easily and more quickly than they would otherwise be able to do for iOS.


Yes, I meant specifically regarding the holidays. Like are the staff also doing it so then there won’t be any issues over the holidays (where the devs aren’t working since it’s the holidays) as an IOS hotfix is a lot more time consuming (which could be a problem if it gets pushed into the holidays as the devs will be on holiday, so the solution would be not needing an IOS hotfix in the first place)?

Ex. if the holidays didn’t exist, would it still be released this way or would it be done both at the same time and there would be hotfixes coming out after for both? Not trying to be rude in any way, I understand the rationale given and it’s totally fine the way it is, just wondering if that was the logic being used for this as it’s a deviation from the norm (which is just speculation by me).


I was right! Hehehe

The logic is laid out in the timeline post, don’t you think? A gradual rollout helps due to a lot of behind-the-scenes changes.