Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread

Sorry if this is stupid what do you guys mean by it’s nearly ready for are developers?

looks great!

Probably that the model is nearly ready to be implemented into the sim, including physics, sounds etc…

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Looks great but it feels like we keep seeing the same picture every time. Really wish we could see a livery or the plane in game.

The rough process looks something like this:

Aircraft Artist (the individual(s) who builds the physical aircraft)


Developers (the individuals responsible for incorporating physics and other performance related stuff to make it usable)


Alpha/Beta (select users who test the aircraft and provide feedback to the developers to address bugs or other issues that have been discovered)


End users (you, and those who get to enjoy the aircraft for eternity)


Judging by how small the aircraft is, could we see a small fire pit and lawn chairs in the cabin?

These are lovely WIPs and I can’t wait for it to come to life!


Favourite part of any update


This is awesome!!! Looking forward to the E175!

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For me it’s the most beautiful cockpit there is, the work is getting thin, I can’t wait to use this machine

🧐 I found a detail that was lost, the bike handlebar on the right side is inverted


I hope the artists catch this and fix it!

They will. I was told by a little birdy that I’d be fired from Mod if I don’t catch all of the little issues before you guys do. 🙃


Fixes confirmed?

Sure why not! Lol


Like I have replied on Facebook, I can’t wait to see this reworked beauty come to Infinite Flight to give it a shot. I’m beggin’ you for this

I can imagine this would suck a bit lot

So thanks for doing that for us :)

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I’m so excited for this to come out I’m ready struggling having enough patience for this


@Airplaneking08 hahaha tell me about it :D

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Yeah as I’ve said before I think I’m going crazy. I have like 20 flights planned for it and it isn’t even out but I think why I’m so excited is because they are putting so much detail in it like scratch marks on the yoke so it should be great


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