Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread

Is there any particular reason this rework is taking so long? It’s been nearly 9 months since it was announced, and even the 3D model isn’t done yet.


The reason why it takes so long is because the artists are putting time and effort and detail into it. It’ll come soon™️

The WIPS are a bit behind.

Version TBD

Release date: Never to be announced. They don’t give release or set release dates

One of the Artists is stuck because of

The war in Ukraine has played a significant role, first priority was to ensure the artists and their families were safe.


and to add what levet said above, when the project was announced the A220 was still in the development stage so a team of artists were working on that project. The erj when it was announced was something in the pipeline

Also I am wondering what month did they start work on the E-175?

Ah makes sense. No rush, of course safety comes first. I was just curious and maybe hoping that there was some crazy new feature coming.

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“Closer to being ready for devs”

Does that mean closer to beta testing? Not too far off in that case.

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It comes when it comes, patience is the answer. Otherwise it looks great! 🤩

Coming. When it’s ready.

That looks awesome! Can’t wait for it to be finished!

Looking great as always! Can’t wait to have a new member of the IF fleet.

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Beta testing is usually the last phase of development before general release. I imagine by “closer to being ready for devs” they mean the 3D model is close to being ready for implementing into the game and having flight physics model and sound engineering developed. But only the IF team truly know. After that will be many many hours of painful bug squashing, patching and then onto alpha testing.

Its alpha then beta testing.

Community be like:

wHeRe iS tHe GeAr aNd FlAp HaNdLeS??



What month did the 3D artists start work on E-175

Best guess is that @DeerCrusher yanked them out while trying to “fly” the Brazilian Trike.

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iirc the first beta shot was shared in January, so work probably started late last year shortly after they finished working on the A220.

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Somewhere shortly after the poll result or announcement came out. Not entirely sure.